Guerrillas In The Mist

Busy Days

I am sorry that I have not written more sooner, but the last few days have been so busy. Well that is mostly true. A lot has happened but I have mostly tried to keep my head down. The others were surprisingly sucessful in capturing several members of the Spirit Leaves. Pendlehave took one and even though he eventually had to kill him I still think we learned something.

Sandcrown brought another of their team to the tenement, thus far Sandcrown had failed to get anything from him so I tried a different tactic. I offered him an out and it all seemed to be going smoothly offering him a chance to live meant he gave us everything we wanted. It was not until I went outside to join the others that Shade informed me he was lying through his teeth. This is where it all went a bit wrong. Shade and Sandcrown went to verify parts of his story namely a carpenters shop used for a hide out according to the Skaa. I was left to keep an eye on him but wanting to not alert his suspicions I loosened his bonds slightly. That was the moment he struck pushing past me and jumping out of the window I tried to grab him but I am useless at anything like that and simply fell from the window in a flailing mess.I landed hard in the mud and nearly broke my ankle meanwhile the skaa was off over the rooftops. Luckily Shade and Sandcrown were returning and Sandcrown gave chjase. Unllucikily Quinn was there. How can people think that I am heartless while not reprimanding Quinn. He did not help just stood there and laughed. He does not deserve Valette I should have put him on a date with Darielle. Anyway the Skaa lost Sandcrown in the tumble of streets while Shade and Pendlehave helped me inside HE came back in a towering rrage and I just sat their uselessly telling him I was sorry. Lord Ruler I was a mess. Pendlehave and Sandcrown left to try and sort out the whole mess while I was taken home.

The only good sides are that I managed to push enough to get my Uncle, Valette and the obligators to launch a full out search. Though no new leads were turned up I managed to restrain them from a mass slaughter. With the small amount of information that proved true Sandcrown and Quinn were able to track down where they had likely gone to ground, on a profeste estate…

We need to finsih here quickly as the shipment is likely to even now be leaving the main land and we do not have much time. Regretfully I may need to ask Darielle for help.


Vecna CullenLewis

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