Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 30 Summary -

Resistance is Futile
- Quinn had a meeting with Kistaris a reclusive Resistance contact who questioned Quinn’s motives but agreed to get in contact with him through Hank.

The Box and Science!

- Alhara, Nebellea and Quinn tested to see if they could spot Feruchemy with Bronze and if it could be covered with a copper cloud.

- Alhara convinced Nebellea to let he keep the Atium bead for experimentation.


- Quinn spoke to Alhara at some length while they both did calligraphy. He learned something of her life before joining the team particularly around the university and the breeding programme

- There was a group discussion over Pallino and Pendlehave’s future as Pallino was unhappy essentially being a servant. Quinn was unahppy that Nebellea refused to allow Pallino to handle the shipping on the Austrex end for house Pannassian. Her reasoning being he had no experience in such things and Quinn arguing it was all about the Skaa having the right to choose regardless of the loss or profit of the noble house. Sandcrown of all people brokered a compromise arranging to set up a Metalurgy shop and put Pallino in charge of it, as his old job had revolved around running a shop

-Quinn made lewd suggestions about Pidge and Nebellea’s friendship.

-Quinn and Sandcrown had an conversation. Sandcrown being poor at reading social situations had understood that Pidge loathed Nebellea while Quinn believed his friend might be falling for Nebellea. Quinn also was enlightened as to why Nebellea thought Sandcrown had put him upto giving her gifts.

- A meal at the Berylium house was arranged for the following evening it was planned to try strike a new deal with house Berylium that all Rebou and Panassian goods would be shipped through them in return for reduced rates


Vecna CullenLewis

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