Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 31 Summary

Dinner with Bylerum Boys

  • Quinn notices some weird magic, debate as to what is, plan to burn bronze when see them next
  • We all don’t (dramatically) fail to socialise
  • Get the low down on the local politics and family
  • Nebellea Succeeds in a social combat to get the Bylerum boys to agree to start brokering a deal for trade preference or exclusivity
  • Alhara gets a date with Kwabez to discuss their mutual interests
  • Everyone has a chat post dinner to share the new information


  • Quinn get Nebellea to use emotional allomancy for the first time. Learns about flaring in combat
  • They then pass the time practicing with iron and steel. Plan to train with Fallow the night after for some pewter training.


  • Quinn tries to find about Alhara’s negative histories and such. She gets quite angry and storms out
  • Fallow and Owandise speak to Nebellea to convince her that she should be more okay about killing as and when it is required, but she should not be accustomed to it.


  • Quinn goes to find out more about underground in the city (6 gangs). Hank offers to check in with some people from “The Iron Clips”
  • Alhara meets Kwabez and they discuss the new Metals Alhara has access to and what the metals are. He knows nothing more than Alhara previously.
  • We finish with finding out the Angel is linked to the deepness.


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