Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 34 Summary

The man we are after, in more way than one

• Ball continues as Quinn changes
• Wrayn and Pidge dance (Pidge crushes hard on Wrayn)
• Bella and Ronan dance
o He is a horrible person with a strange fixation of dancing in the mists (potential allomancer)
• Fallow dances exceptionally well such that he finds a common footing to approach Hyrum Lekal
• Conversation ensues between Fallow and Ronan and Hyrum and Bella
• Bella starts to convince Hyrum to come over (suspecting him to be our target) and develops a weird crush
• Quinn comes back from getting changed, apologises to Hasting and Dilisteni- later makes an offer to the mother to socialise with Molsier to bring him out of his shell
• Otherwise Quinn spends the evening with Teven
• Fallow and Bella are drunk (“Koloss in a suit”)
• Fallow tells everyone how he told Ronan to cut the toes from Skaa as opposed to fingers
• Alhara leaves at Ronan’s name, and gets water for Bella
• Quinn leaves rather upset after the toe reveal and the fact that Fallow seems to genuinely feel he did something good
• Bella put to bed by Owandise

• Alhara checks on Quinn (angry wood chopping)
• Alhara and Quinn discuss injustice of the world
• Quinn encourages Alhara to do something to make the world better rather than the internalised aim to improve
• Alhara preaches a calmer approach of interpreting the past and making yourself better from the inside that need not be shown to the whole world
• They both agree and believe Ronan should probably die, if only he wasn’t a Lekal nobleborn
• Quinn tells Alhara he intends to get involved with Crime to get back at the nobles while he vaguely continues to be involved in their parties.

• Fallow and Bella also have a conversation about the wedding and Nebellea avoiding accusing Hyrum.

• The next morning we find out Bella has a crush on Hyrum
• She flees, embarrassed, and party decide to try and grab Hyrum after he goes out sailing and then take him to Zolacaster to sign up to his initiative.
• Fallow attempts to speak to her and convince her we must do as promised in regards to the pirates, but will attempt to keep him alive. They also discuss Tret snapping into a Tineye and that maybe the ever present mists are more important than they thought (MIST-born)
• And Tret is a tineye! Whoop! Praise the Lord Ruler!
• Alhara hires some staff to work in the metallurgy lab once it is up and running
• Quinn goes to the docks to meet Tulley of the Iron Clips, gives a run down of abilities such that he hopes to be recruited


Vecna CullenLewis

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