Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 38 Summary

The Session we did a lot of Dancing

  • Go dancing
  • Adassey seems distracted/tired
  • Other girls are uninteresting in general
  • We have lunch where Hyrum and Ronan turn up late.
  • Ronan stares at Nebellea like a Predatory animal might eye up prey
  • We try to find out something about the house through leading questions
  • Manage to see first two floors (ground and first)
  • Bella causes a scene so Alhara can sneak off
  • Alhara finds out about a secret room in the library
  • We faff some more at dancing, major outcomes are:
  • Krea and Adassey are to be coming for dinner with Hyrum and Wrayn
  • Fallow has made an impression on krea (swooning and connected now…) such that he hopes to be employed as a dance teacher in other noble establishments
  • At home there is a skaa (later called Zayn) who has no memories, appears to be from Austrex City Dock Workforce
  • He is not able to burn gold (thanks Bella)
  • Has a package contained Alhara’s old Copperminds
  • They still possess her investiture but not the actual memories
  • She is understandably freaked out
  • Message on note: “Thank you, these were delicious”
  • Otherwise seem like normal metal minds (confirmed by Alhara) and regular copper purity (confirmed by Bella)
  • Quinn writes a letter to Teven (to be sent to Richard via slack)
  • We get some Skaa which Fallow makes introductions to (like Oskar Schindler)
  • Quinn learns some basic science with Alhara
  • Bella makes some thought based progress on her reconnecting with Cassie after the beating

Plan moving forward:

  • Bella and Alhara to poke around Noble Homes to find out who the strange noble lady may have been
  • Quinn to look into finding Slips (or Broon) in order to find tressex, and to look into finding information about Zayn from Dock Workers
  • Fallow to work with Alhara in indoctrinating our new Skaa
  • Fallow to continue his rehabilitation of Molsier


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