Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 39 Summary

That time Hyrum was a Jerk

Night before

  • Fallow watches skaa at night trying to find one which is rebellious
  • Finds one


  • Quinn heads to docks to ask about Zayn and Tressex
  • No information on Tressex (i.e broon or slips given what tressex is)
  • Zayn found to be dock/warehouse worker of Triskinle’s who disappeared about a week ago
  • More information possible, will require trust of warehouse skaa
  • Bella and Fallow poke the dockmaster about information of any new nobles who have arrived
  • No information returned


  • Fallow continues attempting to earn trust of Skaa
  • Quinn potters about trying to learn slow burn
  • Others prepare for dinner (hiding weapons)


  • Find out Hyrum is a tineye and Adassey is a rioter
  • Riot Owandise’s anger regarding her brother leaving to sign up with pirates
  • Quinn consequently riots Adassey’s shame
  • Manage to avoid further emotional allomancy during dinner
  • Men and women retire to different rooms
  • Men find out that Hyrum knows how to pace himself when drinking, sails frequently, and has a secret love in the community
  • He lost his eye in a riding accident
  • Quinn asks to go on Hyrum’s next business trip
  • Bella learns that Wrayn likes Pellik (success…)
  • [Cullen, care to add anything as I wasn’t wholly paying attention at that point]

Post Dinner

  • Bella is a emotional, if honest
  • Hyrum is a jerk, if entirely composed

Next Morning

  • Quinn tells everyone but Bella about Hyrum’s love
  • Everyone learns of the new allomancers in our midst.


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