Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 40 Summary

"Hello Poppet..."

  • Quinn gets a letter from Teven- pleased with recovery and ready to mingle (if I would like)
  • Bella gets a letter from her aunt requesting she visit
  • Resistance thank for map- will be in touch- due to make use of it
  • Go to meet Kistaris and Mennis
  • Plan
    - During ball
    - Alhara and Quinn to be away and try and take the Atium
    - Question of how to get it out
    - Hide them in stuff that looks like a metalmind
  • Tressex is the random sailor man
  • Let’s go boys
  • Strange Creature
  • Hemalurgy is experimental
  • I can bronze it
  • Hemalurgy transfers things
  • Can transfer memories
  • Uses copper to do so
  • “Made of hemalurgy so can steal your memories.”
  • Discussion of


Vecna AlexConno1

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