Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 41 Summary

The Session we Encouraged People to do things

  • Tressex flees into the night, no more revelations
  • Simply more precautions for capturing/combatting the evil hemalurgic thing
  • The next day, Quinn and Penndlehave are encouraged to tell Fallow what happened with broon
  • Quinn owns up after a few hours
  • Letter sent to Teven to play shelldry next day (Pidge and Cassiel to attend)
  • We mess with our skaa some more
  • Quinn (practicing pewter) works in the fields with them and helps out, gets them more food after encouraging them to tell him anything they want
  • Attempting to make friends
  • Fallow takes the “Skaa with sparks” into a room and shares that he is with the rebellion and is willing to train them in combat
  • Fully expects this to lead night time stabbings
  • Bella gives pallino funds to set up shop in the city in hopes of generating revenue/place of trade for Rebou
  • She also speaks to Cassiel about the beating that gave her copper
  • She seems more okay about it than Nebellea, given everything
  • Alhara prepares for the trip to steal the atium
  • Fallow builds a torque/bracelet metalmind of steel in order to transport them
  • It’s very pretty
  • Fallow goes to see Molsier and tries to encourage him to get out of bed and be a useful member of society
  • Work in progress, lots yet to be done to improve him
  • Bella approaches Quinn about Invading Bylerum Household
  • Alhara is keen
  • Quinn, the unexpected voice of reason, advises against and asks they get Owandise’s and Fallow’s permission
  • Aim is to train in Stealth.


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