Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 42 Summary

  • Trying to decide about breaking into House Bylerum
  • Owandise and Fallow will entertain possibility provided bella has a sufficient plan
  • Observation is made that the group skills do not favour a stealth based approached
  • Fallow suggests a training exercise to try and sneak up on some skaa and others without being caught
  • We ultimately fail the exercise and do not pursue that course of action
  • The next day, Alhara makes a break through in clearing out the Malatium for her to store/tap and for allomancers to attempt to use
  • Feruchemically increases amount which can be stored/tapped
  • Allomantically is like using gold on other people
  • Quinn sees a heavily pregnant Alhara and a more piratey Owandise
  • Alhara is quite upset
  • Quinn goes to comfort her/apologise and Alhara explains she doesn’t know why she is crying and Quinn hugs her.
  • Bella goes to speak with her
  • Allomancers make trips around the city burning bronze on the off chance of finding the Hermalurgy creature
  • Quinn goes to visit Teven and find out some courtly gossip, nothing too interesting.
  • Introduces him to Cassiel and Pidge, continues to make nice.
  • On the way back, he tumbles out of the carriage in an effort to meet up with Iron Clips
  • Fallow trains with the Skaa (brawl) and offers to train them in Weapons if they train him in Brawl
  • Visits Molsier with Owandise (?)
  • Bella scours the city and makes logical assumptions of who the hermalurgic creature is likely to impersonate and seeks out/finds homes of 3 likely candidates.
  • She is out late, to Fallow’s vague concern.


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