Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 43 Summary

  • Quinn goes to see Iron Clips
  • Currently a turf contest has begun with Steel Hands and though no official call to fix it, probably is an excellent opportunity for someone to prove their worth.
  • Alhara stops being a comatose mess and she and Fallow worry the topic of Bella and where she is/what she is doing
  • On Arrival home, Quinn joins in said worrying
  • They conclude she has gone out dressed for “trouble” with mistborn vials, bronze and tin charges, plus her combat equipment.
  • We conclude she hasn’t gone to break into House Bylerum
  • Presumably she is looking for the Hermalurgic Monstrosity
  • We find a map marking areas she was looking into.
  • Fallow and Owandise take a nice stroll and gossip/discuss the members of the party
  • Quinn and Alhara successfully find Bella and find her spaced out on tin, hunger and dehydration with a nice bit of desperation and elation mixed in there.
  • She has a name and description of the Noble Lady who is the Monstrosity ( Lariseau Geffenry )
  • Quinn rushes off to get Fallow and Owandise while Alhara is left to deal with a new and no-way improved Nebellea who thinks firing arrows near the Monstrosity and watching it react is a good idea. She also felt like sticking her head outside the window and watching it.
  • Fallow and Owandise arrive with Quinn 20 minutes later and get to talk to us and agree to go home.
  • Quinn and Bella take first watch. Quinn asks about Bella’s life growing up (Tied to a chair and had her hair cut by Darielle , jealous of her Brother becoming a mistborn, loves Cassiel, sees us all as her friends, the songs her mother used to sing).
  • She is carried to bed and Quinn spends the next hour burning gold and evaluating his own life and decisions
  • Owandise offers wisdom that it does not do well to dwell on the past and “what if”s

Next Day

  • Quinn gets up early and chit-chats with Alhara about the concept of choice and what they might change in their lives if they could
  • Alhara thanks Quinn for his friendship, apologising for her ofttimes serious if not cold demeanor.
  • Quinn leaves note saying he will talk with Bella if she likes later in the day regarding what was said, encourages her to speak to Pellik about Tin-hangovers
  • Afterwards Alhara brings Bella (late) breakfast and comforts her about her oddity the evening before.
  • Quinn spends the day on the streets looking for the local gangs of Iron Clips and Steel Hands to contend with
  • Figures there must be someone like him out there who is pushing the gangs to expand territory, trying to give themselves a name.
  • Alhara goes to Kwabez (late) and learns some defensive combat
  • He does not know more about the Monstrosity.
  • Fallow does some Science with Bella
  • Ring has a symbol of Bronze on it, ruby unmarked.


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