Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 50 Summary

The Session Everyone was there by Dark Magicks Unknown

  • Bella and Fallow argue over breakfast in regards to violent action being a part of the takeover and how we should approach the issue of taking over the city
  • Bella believes we should threaten before we act in order to avoid a fight whereas Fallow says a show of force may be necessary in order to force nobles in line from the get go, and taking all the atium is a part of that.

Cullen and Ben, if this is an incorrect summary feel free to alter, as this was the section of the game I was still mostly asleep inside

  • Bella says the other must agree, to which Fallow says they haven’t even said a word. In general Alhara agrees violent action isn’t desirable but may be unavoidable and Quinn simply states he would like not to be a punching bag for Marienesse (spelling?). Triss is okay with violence but investigation is the first step to check the realities of a heist.
  • The party separates to perfom various tasks
  • Bella goes to speak to the obligators, accidentally seduces one, puts money towards the Obligator providing a map of the internal layout of the Hasting household
  • Bella makes a deal with Gerraint in regards to the house and getting them to agree to side with the Rebellion, in the process ensuring their father has enough gold to be cognitively able.
  • Alhara makes a map of the Hasting household to the best of her memory then quickly realises almost everyone she would like to speak to is not in the city
  • She briefly visits Kwabez to talk about training the rebellion and what to make of the death of the Lord Ruler after it has now happened
  • I ship it
  • Triss, Fallow and Quinn head to the rebelliion to discuss matters and gain information that way
  • A conversation with a random informer suggests they should be able to get that information after some time
  • The three talk about the make up of the Rebellion and agree it could do with a few more leaders so that their is an escalation procedure/chain of command
  • Fallow returns home to speak to the Sloweswift specials to see if any of them are suitable for a military-esque leadership position
  • They still agree he is crazy
  • Fallow briefly returns to the rebellion, bumping into Quinn, and finds out how the Atium is being tracked, hugging a confused lady in the process.
  • Quinn mooches around the rebellion trying to ascertain their morale about their chances of success and what they make of Kristaris’ new outlook on life.
  • He learns stuff he doesn’t need to but makes progress to ruling our hermalurgy and Emotional allomancy
  • Triss speaks to Quinn about how she and Fiore came to be a couple, he awkwardly leaves after
  • Triss speaks with Fiore and arranges a way to start getting a more formalised structure of command
  • She is unfortunately witness to the conversation with Lin

Points of action

  • Owandise to teach Mennis better copper protection
  • Sloweswift specials to decide how to step up
  • Bella to visit Molsier without Fallow
  • Quinn to find a way to confirm if Kristaris is ‘spiked’


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