Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 51 Summary

The Session we tried to be Politicians

  • Bella has a plan
  • We will find out about forces in Austrex
  • We will get more people on side (not Molsier because oops)
  • Get Triskinle on side
  • Look over Keep Lekal

Team Socialise

  • Bella, Alhara and Tris go to see Durran and the Triskinles to discuss political marriages, and Panassian subsuming Triskinle to restore their reputation
  • Durran is arrogance though this has been damaged recently, relationship with Valette is less prominent, the parents have a cool relationship, they are a new house (parents 40 and 35), parents make decisions together (no one in charge particularly), They have mines

Team Lekal

  • Quillan and Sandcrown go to keep lekal to give it a once over, it appears to have two people living in it. One seems to serve the other, who sits reading in the library most of the time (Geffenry? Terris?)
  • Ascertain that it is probably mostly safe to live in and act out of when the rebellion starts.

Next day

  • Sandcrown also goes to see Resistance and talk with the miserly Joxxan and speak with Kristaris
  • Alhara goes to order a ship to be sent to zolacaster and collect the information about Hasting from Obligators
  • Mennis is also being trained by Owandise
  • Bella and Triss to go see molsier
  • Quillan to go see Teven (bought a weaponry gift)


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