Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 52 Summary

Oh Molsier

  • Alhara speaks to Barbara and purchases a new boat to be sent to Zolacaster.
  • Bella and Tris speak to the Dilisteni’s they cause Reese Dilisteni to become more concerned about the stater of the world but offer her the hand of friendship
  • Speak to Molsier he is grumpy as ever but does not believe what he was told the other day by Goradel and Quillan so it is all fine
  • Short Time jump of a couple of days
  • Get maps of Hasting
  • Have another long argument about what we were going to do about House Hasting Sandcrown thinks Nebellea has cold feet but they eventually agree to go do it the next day but not tell Kistaris what we were about
  • Look over Lekal party concludes it had definitely been Gefferey staying there maybe a week ago and had used the keep over several weeks.
  • Discovered Carrow Bylerum had an Atium spike in him


Vecna CullenLewis

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