Guerrillas In The Mist

Chater 59 You've got a Friend in Me!

- Conscious members of the party continued with arranging the meeting of high up members of the resistance
- Letter sent to Gerraint saying sorry for Nebellea’s injury
- Day Passes
- Nebellea wakes up from injuries – has a discussion with Gerraint and manages not to be hugged by Cassiel. Injuries severe and will take weeks to recover from. Gerraint angry but worried Cassiel just worried. Gerraint discussed Nebellea’s reasons for fighting and basically honour and it not being the right thing to leave her friends to fight on their own.
- Remainder of party arrived to give best wishes with a large bag of Pewter. Gerraint was actually quite reasonable and let them in to see Nebellea but informed them if she was ever in danger again he would make their lives hell.
- The gang is back together. Everyone chats and Nebellea is brought back up to speed by Quillan. She is made to promise to stay in bed then is given some Pewter to deal with the pain. Sandcrown made a comment about her motivations and Nebellea being an idiot interpreted it all wrong as Sandcrown only caring about her with regards to her assisting the rebellion and nothing more.
- Nebellea got very upset over this but sandcrown asked the others to step outside so they could speak “in private” but nothing is ever private when there are tin eyes around or when Nebellea is involved in an argument.
- The two argue with Sandcrown saying they do not really know where to go from here. Nebellea gets out of bed and starts moving around despite her promise to rest as it seems she needs to sort this mess out and they manage to agree that they will not play this meeting as a failure but as a victory whilst throwing insults back and forth. Sandcrown leaves.
- Quillan comforts Nebellea along with Tris and convince her to go back to bed. Quillan reveals he was the one who rescued her Nebellea starts crying it’s all very awkward.
- Time Passes till the meeting
- Quillan social combats Tevan some more to believe that there are other systems of governance besides those already in place.
- Nebellea writes a really good speech and with Quillan’s help learns unconscious burning
- Gerraint is convinced to let Nebllea come out and paly at the meeting

- The Meeting
- Sandcrown gave a short sweet introduction Nebellea then launched into a longer speech to convince the Skaa leaders of several things:

  • The House Hasting attack weas a victory and we have pinned them behind their walls and now is the time to give all Skaa the chance to fight for the future.
  • All the gang leaders to stop fighting
  • Tris and Fallow to be made generals and to begin training an army each to be given 100 soldiers to train out on the land Nebellea had originally purchased
  • Quillan to be Kistaris’ second in command and for him and Joxxan to sit down and sort out money to be paid out to get this ball moving.

- Tressex arrives and says harmony seems to be working in Luthadel
- A Skaa says they should just kill all the nobles Nebellea challenges the Skaa to kill her. Then gives him a hug. Surprisingly does not get stabbed.

New Upper Tier of the Resistance
Leader of the Resistance: Kistaris – To Set Policy
Right Hand: Quinn (Quillan Rebou) – To Keep Thieving Crews in Line
Treasurer: Joxxan – To keep accounts and draw up the budget for the other groups
Information Master:Mennis – Counter Intelligence and Intelligence gathering
General: Fallow Sandcrown – Leading and Training Soldiers
General: Tristana Wardrick – Leading and Trainign Soldiers


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