Guerrillas In The Mist

Entry 3 - Unravelling Faster and Faster

[This entry is written in more rushed angry lines, covered in blots and mistakes]

“I thought that if we took a few days away from Empoli and Darielle’s meddling, maybe I would feel less confused and be able to think straight. But now everything is unravelling here as well, I am beginning to feel out of my depth. What did I do to deserve this?

To clarify the situation Shade and Quinn both brought back some useful information Quinn regarding the location of a pirate crew. Shade had pulled through again with the entirety of the Profeste vault. The others simply think I have a very accomplished associate and still believe Shade to be my simple hand maiden. When Pendlehave went over the documents with Sandcrown they found a series of interesting discrepancies. The account books for the last year and a half show small discrepancies on many payments that overtime came to a large amount. The current theory is Profeste having been surreptitiously paying for something big in a way that will be difficult to trace. Without any real ways to investigate that side further it was decided that we would try to locate the pirates to question them for further information. I acquired a ship and Pendlehave a crew and the very next day we set sail.

The next part may either be my greatest idiocy or the best stroke of brilliance to date but the more I see I worry it may be the former. Quinn would almost be certainly needed to fight in the upcoming foray and a young Skaa boy doing so would only reveal his nature. Lord Ruler help me I created him a noble identity the Lord Grey. Of course no such noble family exists but no mistborn would self declare himself, even my brother loves the mystique of people speculating about our mistborn. I will have to hope that the rumours do not spread too far or too fast. So we have our strong and silent Lord Grey, but I fear that this is a play I am rapidly losing control of. Quinn has taken to the role with far too much ease and is likely to push his boundaries further.

Regardless aboard the glory we caught up with one of the Hotcloak pirate crews. In the mists it was only Quinn’s Tin enhanced senses and Pendlehave’s natural skills which picked up our enemy. Once the battle was fully joined was relatively short lived but brutal. Much as I hate to admit it the only reason I am still breathing is Quinn snatching me out of the way, if I am honest I am not sure how I feel about that. I was unable to assist in any way and I feel quite small besides Sandcrown and Quinn. Between them with assistance from Pendlehave they defeated or forced to surrender fifteen well armed and dangerous skaa in less than a few minutes. Two of the skaa were killed and my shoulder dislocated in the fighting, despite Pendlehave’s ministrations it still pains me and I find it difficult to write these words.

What went rather less well was the attempt to pry information from them once subdued. They were terrified of something, even more than Sandcrown breaking their arms and hurling them overboard, a practice I found discomforting to say the least. In the end we learned only they were terrified of someone or something and that other pirates stalked the waters we were currently sailing. After a miserable night with little rest we attempted to interrogate the captain . The fool, a captain Bilg, was stubborn and willing to die for his oaths. I even offered him a chance at clemency for him and his men, this crew are barely the tip of the plot. But the smug irritating fool threw it back in my face. I have to admit that with my shoulder and the strain and ridicule of the last few days I snapped and began screaming at him. Sandcrown deciding that this was business better to left to capable individuals and took over the interrogation. One by one despite my express orders not to he began to butcher more of the crewmen in an effort to leverage the captain with his crew. Sick in the stomach I have left them to it, bastards.

Well let us see how they manage without me! My worry is that they will do just fine…"


Vecna CullenLewis

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