Guerrillas In The Mist


“So is it a good book?” Nebellea tapped the spoon against the cup and sipped it delicately.

“Lecate and Herios,” Cassielle glanced up over the top of her book for a moment as she flicked to the next page.

“I do not remember that one?”

“I am not surprised they burned most of the copies in 313 AA, the Prelan of Austrex called it flagrant and salacious, I believe he was offfended by the ahem romantic portions most of all.”

“Hmmm I am not sure that is the sort of book I think you should be reading.”

“I am not sure that a girl who has actively recruited renegade Mistborn,abetted Pirates and joined the Skaa rebellion has much say on the morality of her sister reading a book”

Nebellea pursed her lips, eyebrows drawing into a frown. Cassielle giggled setting aside the book in it’s plain black binding.

“Bella I am joking, you know?” Cassielle grabbed her hands from across the small table and Nebellea can’t help grinning back as well.

“I know Cas but you can be a right little brat sometimes!”

“Oh hark at the pot calling the kettle black, it isn’t like you’re a meek mouse Bella! You know I can hear you and your shouting matches all over the house.”

“Well it’s normally Quillan or someone who started it!”

“In Lecate and Helios they start off arguing too, maybe that is how you show affection?” Cassielle’s eyebrows wriggled suggestively as her sister grimaced.

“Lord Ruler don’t make me sick, ugh”

“Well maybe I’ll just have to ask him to the next ball instead then, he’s a mistborn and cute, one day I will be a mistborn too obviously”

Nebellea became suddenly serious. “Cas is that what you really want,”

“Of course, don’t take it the wrong way but I saw how it gnaed on you before you had your power. I am a Panassian and I don’t want to just be the kid of the family left behind by her big cousins and siblings”

“Sometimes it can cost a lot to get there,” Nebellea uncomfortably twisted her hands in her lap “I just want you to be sure,”

“It hurts a lot doesn’t it?”

Nebellea nodded unclasping and clasping her hands “Don’t you dare tell anyone but I still dream about that room. The chair and the straps I wouldn’t sleep the night before if I knew I was going to have to go down there. I just remember wishing the night could just keep going…”


Vecna CullenLewis

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