Guerrillas In The Mist

In Training

The ash swirled in slow eddies down into the courtyard settling in drifts on the flagstones. Occasional gusts of wind would pick up and it would swirl around the figures, one sat watching two standing facing each other. One stood nonchalantly grinning, hands in his pockets. The slighter figure was stood, shoulders hunched intense concertation written across her face.

With a burst of speed Nebellea, launched herself forward swiping with the heavy wooden stave. Quinn barely moved, rotating at the waist so the sword cut empty air. A swift sidestep maneuvered him away from the follow up cut and as Nebellea swept in low, teeth bared he simply leapt over the attack.

He tossed his head slightly flicking his hair out of his eyes. “Very nice Bella, you almost hit me that time,”

Nebellea snarls “Shut up Quillan!”

I do not know why he infuriates me so much, it’s just the way he always smirks when he is beating me

With a growl of frustration Nebellea jabbed forwards trying to score a hit. Again Quinn lazily avoided the blow. Vaulting into the air and landing behind her. He spun in a graceful arc sweeping Nebellea’s legs from under her so she fell with a yelp. Quinn was on her in a second, with one arm beneath her when she fell Quinn simply landed on her, one arm twisting and locking hers and the other pressing on the back of Nebellea’s head. She kicked and thrashed for a few seconds but face down in the ash with Quinn’s whole weight on her back her struggles became half hearted.

“Quinn I think that’s enough,” Pidge stepped forwards hands in a placating motion. Still smiling Quinn released Nebbelea muzzing her hair.

“Don’t feel bad Bella, I’m sure if Pallino can learn to count his own money you can get the hang of not getting hit.”

Nebellea sat up coughing face and clothes streak with a new layer of ash. She glowered at the two boys, daring them to comment further.

“My Lady are you alright?”

“It’s not My Lady any more Pellek, call her Bella or Nebby or Nebs”

“I hate being called Nebby,” She replied archly, straightening to her feet with exagerated dignity.

He’s changed a lot since I first met the scrawny young Skaa. He’s getting taller and filling out now he’s getting decent meals. He’s even starting to carry himself like a noble. I guess I should be proud of him if he was not so aggravating

“Well Nebellea whenever you are ready please reset and go again”


Vecna Vecna

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