Guerrillas In The Mist

Late nights

Creative ideas for dealing with Hyrum Lekel
1. Kill him. It’s probably the kindest thing to do given Zolecaster’s temperament, make it look like an accident or engineer a situation where I had no choice? Even then would Bella ever forgive me? Does that matter if it’s the best thing for her?
2. Help Bella win him. Bella is a terrible judge of character. He’d probably break her heart. Then proceed with option one. Difficulty would be finding a way to help Bella catch his notice, might take too long, and what if he makes Bella happy? I guess we’d have to fight off the pirates and explain the whole rebellion thing to him, and then I’d end up having to go with option one again anyway.
3. Trash his operation but keep letting him go. He’d know it was us, we’d make powerful enemies. Zolecaster would probably feel cheated.
4. Get the Lekels to shut him down? Would have to find a rival in the house, Ronan would definitely do it, if he wanted it. Putting Ronan in charge of the house would be directly contrary to the aims of the rebellion.
5. Catch him, get Zolecaster to do his own thing. My favourite option so far, but Bella would still be sad.
6. Find something on him that would disgust Bella. Works well with option four, find a way to get Bella to hate him, encourage her to pursue him? Problem with option two was that he probably wouldn’t go with her, but would be civil about it. Convince Bella to press him unreasonably and he may humiliate her. Get Quin to use brass on her? No. Defeats the point. She’d know we did it. Anyway, he humiliates her in public, she hates him, back to option one or five. Seems good.
7. What if we delivered Ronan to Zolecaster instead? No one would shed a tear, would have to convince Hyrum to stop pirating and would have to lie to Zolecaster. Would Owandise tell Postwick? I’d like to believe no, should I ask her? Well that’s obvious. How to convince Hyrum to stop pirating though? Perhaps combined with option two, or use Krea against him in some way? Engineer a plot by Ronan to take over as heir and offer to deal with the problem for the low price of not messing about with piracy any more. Show him how dangerous piracy can really be? Too complicated.

Sandcrown stares at the page before him for a long time before ripping it out of the book and holding it in the candle flame until it curls up into a blackened wisp.

“What are you doing up dear?”

“Just thinking about the future dear, it’s all going to be a bit harder than I thought it’d be.”

“It’s late come to bed.”

“Of course dear.”

Sandcrown blows the candle out.


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