Guerrillas In The Mist

Of the Betraying in the Greying

Ising for being to avoiding the Greying. Wasing the greying in becoming in the passing for the freeing and then the becoming of the lonely Trick-less. Wasing to being contenting for the leaving at the breaking and the crying of the Nebby. Wasing the hoping for the succeeding of doing the finding of the Knowledge with the men.

Wasing to being starting at useless. Wasing to sleeping of the not. Ising for blaming the baking of the homes and the watching of the lights in the sky. Wasing for sleeping in the lighting. Wasing to hearing the rest. Wasing Penny for trying and sweetening to finding from the Rat. Wasing the slowing of the sailing to the two. Wasing the thinking for being enough to succeeding in the gathering. Wasing Sandy-pens to becoming for the loving.

Wasing in the entering that the doing and the failing now coming to passing. Wasing the killining in the seeing of Sandy. Wasing the reasoning for the lacking and the delaying of the finding. Wasing ‘im for trying to finding with the starving and the shouting for the interest. Wasing that against dying. Wasing to pulling and the Zincing but the failing in the doing. Ising to think in lucking at the ribbons.

Wasing Sandy for failing in the thinking. Wasing for seeing with easing the being of the hating to the nobs of the rats. Wasing the failing of the telling of the being the pack horse. WAsing the encouraging of the hating for the thinking then the saying for the breeding to leading of Sandy. Wasing to hoping for the reasoning for the snapping. Ising in thinking to respecting of pirates. Wasing them to doing the standing for the thinking and believing in the hating. Ising to thinking the increasing of the hating willing to growing the resisting.

Wasing Crowned for breaking and limbing. Wasing to hoping by taking of the being pulled for succeeding. Wasing outside tinning and outside instructing. Wasing to trying at convincing of the being in the kindness. Wasing to hoping to finding the interest through the cajoling. Wasing mistaking. Wasing the voice for giving the skaring. Wasing for him being obvious Skaring. Trickster Skaring. Wasing Sandy in breaking that to finding it. Wasing Kort for expecting the dying. Ising better. Ising to hoping the inspiring through the knowing of the Tricking. Wasing to hoping to finding more of the Tricksters. Wasing to then sending for the working and the quieting. Wasing Grey for finding him the safety.

Wasing then being of betraying. Wasing Pen in not being sweeting but taddling. THen wasing Sandy for the forcing of the knife. Wasing no giving of the hoping for the living. Wasing in the pleading then the delaying for the hoping of the surviving. Wasing not enough. Ising Kort dead.

Ising the emptying of the soul. Willling to questioning the becoming? Wasing mistaking for thinking the greying and the misting in the acting for the being of the bettering. Wasing like a dog to be bow headed. Wasing like Pen. Willing to becoming for surviving…like Sand.

Ising to needing the improvement. Willing to becoming stronger.


Vecna AlexConno1

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