Guerrillas In The Mist

Out on the Water


  • Left for the island
  • Explored the pirate island
  • Took out two guys who were there
  • Waited for pirates
  • Nebby on a hill
  • Attack ship
  • Pewterarm goes splat
  • Mistborn floats
  • Spears and mobbing is fucking fantastic
  • FInd some random jewellery and other shit
  • Let’s go home for the ball!

We set sail not long after my tailored suit was ordered. The ship was fairly more interesting than in the past: we had a collection of nobles instead and they had more time to mooch and chat than the Skaa sailors. I tried to tease some information our of Nebby’s Minder, but without much avail. I’m sure I can convince her, but she at least takes her job semi-seriously enough not to spill all the information in one go.

After a few days of Sea of Bella being a source of great entertainment for the men and woman on board, we arrived at an Island, presumed to be the island the pirates work from. We had a brief discussion on approach and it was decided that me and Fallow will be heading onto the island first in case it was occupied. We snuck around a rather small thing, eventually finding a clearing. A quick flaring of tin revealed the skaa hiding the bushes across from us and we decided we were perfectly able to just move on and not be truly put ourselves in danger. I mean, they had metal daggers. They are unlikely to hit me.

We ran in, and unsurprisingly overcame them. I kept enough occupied or disarmed that Fallow was able to mulch them with much difficulty. With two down, the final decided he would co-operate and while Fallow was deciding what to do next I found some supplies to stabilise the others. I mean, we are not aiming to kill too many people.

Once we had taken down the group, the ship was brought around by Penn and fallow rowed out to meet them while I took a good look around the island as a whole. We had a fairly involved discussion as the priority of the mission. Fallow felt we should remove the pirates for good and launching a surprise from the island but ultimately the rest of us felt the aim was to get the cargo, pushed by Bella and her fellows.

We hid the boat behind the island (to the best of fallow’s ability) and Nebellea was place on the hill with two Skaa to keep an eye on the pirates and when best to move against them. Once a small boatload had set off for the island, we brought our ship out against the pirate vessel, notably with red sails. There was a Pewterarm and a Mistborn, as suspected, and I quietly informed our number who they were and kept an eye on their “talented” fellows.

The pewterarm took a particular dislike to Penndlehave and he ended up all but embedded to the deck with spears. We were then got close enough that he leapt over to us and we leapt from where we were either hidden or quiet and beat him until he fell down. Many of our number then jumped onto the pirate ship to start fighting through their sailors. We did so aptly while Penndlehave snuck below deck, and fallow and I tried to overcome the mistborn floating above our ship. We were matched for steel and could not harm the other that way, so I turned to mental attacks which seemed to distract him and fallow leapt up to him to grab and bring him down. Though it was mostly unsuccessful, we cut down the other pirates sufficiently enough that he realised he would not win by remaining and he flew through the air onto the small row boat (which had begun to return then promptly turned around).

Looting ensued, we gathered the (small) chest this was all about and found inside bits of jewellery and some odd green material. A few of the nobles exchanged looks at a particular medallion, but I haven’t the faintest idea why. I attempted to remain an aloof disinterest, though I managed to take a few pewter vials of the Pirate Thug. This done we sank the boat, hoping that we might return and remove this pirate scourge at a later date.

Fallow turned the boat around, despite his own preference to remove the threat completely, and we headed back to Empoli, expecting to arrive for the ball at the Panassian Estate.


Vecna AlexConno1

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