Guerrillas In The Mist

Shopping Bane and Dueling Canes

Shopping wasn’t one of Quinn’s strong suits, considering the money he had got used to spending. Skaa upbringing emphasised functionality: and this pragmatic attitude seemed to have been carried over into his new life.

He picked up a duelling cane. Fallow had told him it was all about weighting and how you fought. If you were a fancy feinter you needed something light and hardy, but if you wanted to take someone out in one then something heavier was better. He hadn’t thought teven often enough, but gathered something lighter would be better.

The skaa behind the counter eyed him. He was a burly man, probably worked in the field and was employed after some injury.

I wonder if he’s in the resistance he pondered. If he wasn’t then it would be a good connection to have, nice way to arm up the armies we’ll need, and we’ll need a stockpile too. I’ll have to mention it to Fallow.

He turned back to the weapons, looking now at daggers.

I might have to have a conversation with Teven about whether he’s allomantically inclined. If he’s a mistborn he would be brilliant to have on side, but they way his family treats him makes me doubt it. Maybe Valette, that would explain why she was dating Durran.

Then again maybe it was a play. Maybe they have no allomancers so they wanted one on side, until he showed himself to be a little incompetent. Can’t do well for a weapons dealer to not really have any protections.

He tutted to himself for getting distracted. He was here to buy Teven a gift, not explore the web of political unions. That was Bella’s job.

He closed his eyes. Don’t think about it. Just go with your gut feeling, it’s the thought that counts.

Scanning again, he picked out a more upmarket white aspen rod. It was light, but strong; flexible when he pressed on the ends, but didn’t break under pressure.

Nodding to himself, he bought the rod and began walking to the Renoux household.


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