Guerrillas In The Mist

Wasing for the chasing in the night

Wasing the waiting for the breathing…ising in the dreaming for the seeing of the betraying. Wasing then for working and the waking for employing in the night. Wasing a good sending. Wasing Ruha for saying the kicking to the wetting in the laxing so to finding of the sending in the new. Wasing it being good. Wasing it for needing to clearing and figuring. Willing to finding then the knowing of the being in the accepting by the Da. Willing in opposing the being likening like the Sand and the Bell. Willing being better?

Wasing for training a chance. Wasing in being the remembering of the contenting in the Tricking.

Wasing Penny for the finding and the telling of the expecting. Wasing to thinking of the betraying, wasing him in spiting for the being of the quiet. Wasing Ruha for saying the being the same of the Skaa and the nobs. Willing all in wanting to surviving.

Wasing easy in deciding of the going. Wasing nebby in thinking to advancing with the planning. Wasing to thinking of the doubting in the successing. Wasing her to thinking of the sending for the dancing of the Greying! Wasing dancing for delaying the looking then the discovering of thr Greyhome. Ising to thinking of the logic without cleverness. Wasing Sandy in saying the doubting of the succeeding. Wasing him in the expecting of the dying of the all. Wasing to thinking the doubting of the readying in the twenty-one. Willing to hoping the fleeing early. Willing to being also the dating of the Valette. Wasing her in being of nebby? Ising to thinking of humour. Willing to dying, willing to being of laughing for the tainting of the Vally and the Nebs.

Ising pirates to being bigger. Ising the ghost leaves to springing and the breaking in the leading of the cloaking. Wasing the aiming for their finding. Wasing to finding the second leaf. Wasing to finding the hiding of the being in the dock. Wasing Manny for being in the friending of speaking. Wasing pen for using the watching while wasing to sleeping.

Wasing then for gathering with the crowned pen for the writing. Wasing intending to be waiting for watching the breaking, but wasing Sandy to finding the doing of the attacking on the Quinling discovery. Wasing Pen in the failing. Wasing then to moving with the quickening against the ghosts. Wasing in failing at the hurting of the seconding with the throwing of clips. Wasing then to cutting the face and the leg. Wasing me and Faller to catching him in the running at the closeness. Wasing him useless. Wasing him not to thinking of the the running and the burning of the man and the boy?

Wasing Pen to moving on thinking to tricking the ghost. Wasing him to taking to the workshop. Ising to thinking the wisdom: willing to following and the zincing for the trusting. Willing to making the safing of the ghost. Then willing Pen for the killing of the ward.


Vecna AlexConno1

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