Guerrillas In The Mist

Wasing the doubting of the Trusting

Wasing to expecting the difference. Wasing to following to the trading at the centring of the Pen, and wasing to lying for the lacking. Ising Penn to being of conniving in the doing. Wasing him to the spilling of the hiding of the man in the terrifying, and even to the feeding of the lying for the being. Wasing Sandy to dropping for the telling of the doing and the planning. Wasing the Ott for the watching and the keeping. Wasing to thinking the doubting for the keeping by the Ott. Wasing to doing for the drama in the dropping in the Sand-Pen.

Ising to seeming the planning for the doing with the milking of the planning of the breakers. Wasing to doubting the using of the Quinling in the breaking. Wasing to thinking the using for searching of the breakhome. Wasing to finding the tools and the coins for the guilting and the Greying. Wasing to hoping for the planning for the failing of the Nebby.

Wasing the morning in the coming to the breaking. Wasing and ising the living of the best. Wasing to thinking the suns for shining. Wasing to thinking of the birds for the the chirping, even to thing the skaa for the smiling. Wasing Nebby in the falling in the mud. Wasing the Nebby for leaping and the failing for the sitting in the shitting.

Wasing to thinking of the thanking for the Thresh of the lying. Wasing the Ott Sandy for the convincing of the lying. Wasing then Thresh for the escaping and the causing of the Happying. Wasing then Sandy for the chasing and the failing.

Ising to thanking the Lord Ruler for the failing. Ising the Nobs for the failing, not the Scaring. Wasing to need the excusing for the enjoying of the day.


Vecna AlexConno1

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