Guerrillas In The Mist

Wasing the starting in the Greying

Wasing so the being of Grayman. Wasing Nebby to thinking of being then becoming for the trying of the noble. Ising with charity and ising for thinkng the beginning of wisdom. Ising being free.

Wasing to think of being for doing in amusement.

Wasing the being for ignoring the doing of the nobs. Wasing without requiring the giving and the taking of the delusion of the power. Wasing being free. Wasing to waiting and dawdling (being come a nob) until wasing to hearing of the creaking and the sloshing. Wasing the approaching for the hearing. Wasing then the newing of the being for the trying of the fighting. Ising now realising the being of the elite. Ising becoming for likening the wind on the sea. Wasing the living of death for the moving. Wasing then becoming for the burning for the fearing.

But wasing to sadness. Wasing the skaa in the falling. Ising the Ottsanneb for saying of the ignoring of the falling for the success. Wasing for sadddening, but wasing for nobbing and surviving. Wasing the saving of the nebs for the living of the long. Wasing sandy for the fighting and the hurting while wasing the firing of the clips. Wasing the slicing for the saving of the skaa in the being from the pirate. Wasing for thinking the choosing of the best. Wasing the burning for the fearing for the saving, else wasing sandy towards the killing. Wasing the best for doing. Wasing the most for saving. Ising to hoping then becoming of the charity.

Wasing for being strange though. Ising the lights in the shining and the being in the sky for the seeing of the tinning. Wasing not to knowing of the being in the Nebs. Wasing the lanterns of the fires in the night. Ising for gifting the Tricksters? Ising for tricking? Ising for thinking of the touching of mistness. WIlling to hoping to seeing in continuing. Ising to hoping the truth.

Wasing a morning for badness. Wasing nebby in the storming and the raining for the failing fo the trying in convincing of the Captain. Wasing nebby in the losing of the speaking then becoming interesting. Ising for feeling at the knowing of the stranging content. Wasing but to doubting the wanting of the doing…dolt. Ising to thinking the nobs are to struggling at understanding the knowing of the People. Ising the Skaa without the hoping of the living through the caring. Willing the Obligons for the taking in the feeling. Willing the nobs for the entertaining with the hitting and the knifing. Ising the clearing for the reasoning of the Nebs. Ising to Nebs being for playing. Ising the reasons for having to being in the attacking and the following of the reasonless. Ising reasless to playing for the waiting for the clocks.

Ising now thinking the moving and the forgetting. Ising the taking for the trialing and the working of the best in the captives. Ising for quickening by using the nobsters.


Vecna AlexConno1

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