Guerrillas In The Mist

Wasing the what of the thinking in doing

Wasing of the getting for the doing in self…

Wasing Ma in saying always into troublemaking with nobles, and wasing with Ezzy in the killing by the doing of the job then ising the realising of the badness. Ising but that neb ising a bitch…ising elsewhere of the something. Ising her with the frills and the word, but ising her of the being in weakness. Ising of confusion for bit in the coming of money, ising to thinking men in the seeing finding the thinking ising neb a poor woman- ising the confusion of seeing the neb in the trying for the cleaning of the dirty in the house. Ising the other of the being as bad. Ising in the thinking the other not for the being making for the finding of the secrets. But wasing the other in being a skaa…ising ott in the knowing of playing in the game.

Ising Pens for being of the where of the good. Wasing Ma in the saying in the having for screwing with head. Ising for hearing Pens of being of bad with being for luck from the time. Ising of having the opinion pens is being the sheep for the wolves of being, but ising in the certain of thinking of his degree is being. Ising for notting in the knowing to the pirate. Ising the cutter of being of suspicion in the being for the trying in the where of doing. Ising a skaa for being and the doing of working with the wet.

Ising of the doing for the good. Ising of making more than ottpencutbit. Ising going for the seeing in rock and ising in the doing of the better for the finding and the speaking with the merc for the doing. Wasing the nobs for the lacking in the noticing- bullshit for the noting of the taking of the good.

Wasing the Trick for the being of the use in the doing, and ising the being of the doing against the bit for the amusing and rousing for the good. Ising Peggy in the being of thinking to dropping for the doing of the taking in the poor. Ising to being clever. Willing in the thinking for the thanking of the leggy in the hitting for the good on the head. Wasing peggy being of taking far from the mists. Wasing in the amusing for the burning and the cleaning, in the meaning of not needing. Ising bishop for the knowing of the making of the doing. Ising in the thinking for the finding and the killing on the seas. Ising in the doubting of the killing in the poor. But ising pens in the making and assuring for the doing of the bad for the good.

Ising of the thinking for the coming and the finding for truth. Willing the ottbitcutpen for the finding in the doing of the Trick. Ising the doing of the better. Ising in the thinking of the doubting for the doing of the dancing for the needing of the nebs in the party.

Ising in the asking of the reasoning…wasing of the getting for the doing in self…


Vecna AlexConno1

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