Guerrillas In The Mist

Willing the finding the Tricksters

Wasing in the days being for taking an interesting. Wasing a meeting at beginning to being as custom. Wasing for turning to Quindling for making for dying in the mists. Wasing to resisting in ending for failure. Ising in thinking the likening of fighting the Lord Ruler. Wasing terrified for the rolling of the mists. Wasing in being a knocking. Wasing accepting… Wasing for the hardening of thinking. Wasing a being with Trick for having and following to thinking the being in the trying. Wasing the thinking for the pleasant in the rolling of the mists. Ising there right in being. Wasing then learning to being for the quieting so the gossiping of the nobs. Wasing the ott for the spilling of thinking for the feeling and pursuing.

Ising to trying to quietening for being in hoping. Ising the nobs in the being for discovering in the nothing, ising the liking.

Wasing Nebby in falling in the telling of the Penpi of the Trick. Wasing them in the thinking of the seeing a mistwraith. Ising in thinking the same. Ising in being the wrongness and death. Ising of existing of the bing a clipping in the wallow-dogs. Ising in being the best too. Wasing sandy in the saying for doing for wrestling. Ising thinking of of confusion in the trying of competing against the becoming friends.

Wasing in thinking the better. Wasing Sandy in the revealing of the Secret Tricks.Wasing for the hoping in the walking or the traversing of the walls, or wasing the thinking of the disappearing from the seeing. Ising the being of the changing of the mind. Ising for the making of the happy-sad. Ising in understanding that the nebby in the worrying of the controlling towards the hating. Ising in thinking of the telling for the doing of the winning. Ising but thinking to the keeping for the using on the need. Ising in changing like the nobles to thinking of being. Ising the needing for the finding of Pat.

Wasing in the being of the good ball. Wasing for learning to being in the trying of the hiding in the most. Ising thinking the nobs of being hating in raising for being. Ising the Sandgirl in thinking the being of trying for the wrong. Ising not for winning. Wasing for frightening at the falling and blaming of the table. Ising for hoping in waiting and surviving for the Crafty.

Ising in confusion for the doing again. Wasing to finding of the being in the sailing but not the going and hitting of the Pirates. Wasing the ott for the finding of the importance. Ising in the thinking of the ott as Odd. Ising Odd for the acting Nobs. Ising Odd to having the hearing of Nebs. Ising she in the being of the Skaa. Ising in the thinking of assuring a second Trick.

Ising in being the quieting. Ising learning the how of the doing and the being for the Nobs. Ising for thinking for the using of the power of the cheap silver and gold. Wasing Sandy in the jousting then the leaving of the Sandgirl. Ising the thinking wasing to me??? Ising the thinking the saving from the Obligators. Willing the doing of the burning then tricking to convincing of the innocence being. Willing the causing of the fear. Ising in thinking the needing of the finding Tricksters.

Willing nebs in the fearing. Ising the quieting, but willing the coming of the storm.


Vecna AlexConno1

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