Haru and Danaria

Brothel Owners


Danaria and Haru are the owners of the cheapest brothel this side of the island. They run a successful business, happy to welcome any travelling customer or down-on-their-luck orphan with a room in return for a favour.

They are, in general, disliked by the many Skaa as some say they accept bribes to procure certain Skaa fitting a noble’s idea of beauty, as well as sell on their quarry to pirates needing a bit of ‘on-board entertainment’.

However, during raids they shelter the needy and have been known to get people in and out of the city, for a price of course. And that kind of indispensability makes them at least worth enduring.

They act as Quinn’s guardians, employers and landlords. He does the jobs they ask, and he gets dinner that night. Otherwise he stays out of their way, and in earshot.


Haru and Danaria

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