Nebellea Panassian

Compassionate Noblewoman


Crew Name: Silver Dawn
Cause: Oppression
Method: Varied
Race: Noble
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5"6
Weight: 55kg


Intelligence 2 Wits 3 Resolve 4
Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2
Presence 4 Manipulation 3 Composure 2


Academics 2; Enigma 0; Crafts 0; Investigation 2; Medicine 1; Occult 1; Politics 3 (Empoli); Science 0

Archery 3 (Long bows (prof)); Athletics 2; Brawl 0; Ride 2; Larceny 0; Stealth 1; Survival 0; Weaponry 1

Animal Ken 1; Empathy 1; Expression 4 (Entreaties (prof) Dancing); Intimidation 0 (Emotional Outbursts); Persuasion 3; Socialise 3; Streetwise 0; Subterfuge 1


Status (House Panassian) 3
Striking Looks 2
Literate 1
Allies (House Trochaire) 1
Invested 1
Resources 2
Spirit 5
Archery Fighting Style 2
Safe Place (Rebou Manor 5) 1
Small Unit Tactics 2
Proffesional Training (Noble) 4 (Expression, Socialise, Archery)
Contacts 2 (Prof Training) (Young Nobles, Sea Merchants)
Allies (Cassielle) 2


Tin (5)
Pewter (4)
All Other Metals (2)


Tin (4/5)

Tin Slinger
Slow Burning Tin
Sense Memory Smell
Piercing Sight

Bronze (1/2)

Seeking Shot

Pewter (2/4)

Slow Burning Pewter
Unconcious Burning


Health 7 (11 With Pewter)
Willpower 6
Size 5
Defense 5 (-1 In Armour)
Speed 10 (18 With Pewter)
Initiative 6 (-3 With Bow) (4 with Pewter)
Integrity 6


  • Formal Clothing +1
  • Mistborn Cloak
  • Bow with Obsidian Arrows, Rigging Arrows and Steel Arrows
  • Medical Supplies +1
  • Horse – Ashdancer (In Empoli)
  • Nobles Dress +2 Fashion (Gift from Quinn)
  • Obsidian Knife (Gift from Quinn)
  • Leather Armour and Helmet
  • 4 Atium Beads


Earned: 80 1/5
Unspent: 0 1/5
Spent: 80


Character and Description
Whilst Nebellea was for a long time not blessed allomantically she is beautiful and graceful, somewould say that this does not make up for her personality.

She has few friends and has been described as petty, vain, quick to anger and insecure. Over the last year in particular she was self absorbed focusing on her own problems and lashing out at those around her including her childhood friend Valette Trochaire. She does have positives though she is honourable and dislikes violence or killing, though whether this is down to squeamishness and weakness as her family say or genuine compassion is anyones guess.

Since fighting against the Pirates and then agreeing to join the Skaa rebellion she has grown as a person learning more control over her temper and her pride has more than a few dents in it.


A member of the well respected Noble Family Panassian. The family is strong in Allomantic power leaving Nebellea as one of the few in this generation without allomantic powers of some description, despite many beatings in an attempt to snap her when she was younger. While she may have been friends with her brother when they were little after his snapping their is now only jealousy and antipathy.

Nebellea’s mother died giving birth to her younger sister Cassiel whom Nebellea now fears will also prove to be allomantically gifted. One of the only things Nebellea has left of her mother is a small painted picture and the Mistcloak. Nebellea’s mother’s family had a tradition of making a Mist Cloak for each of their children as a good luck charm towards gaining allomantic powers.

Needing some petty job to keep her out from under foot and after he recent fallings out with both her family and a wider range of Noble families, The Panassians have sent Nebellea to put together a team to deal with the threat of Pirating to their shipping.

Despite a number of set backs and arguments the party were able to sucessfully combat the Pirates before making a U-turn and falling in with Lady Owandise Rebou and the Skaa rebellion. She has convinced a significant proportion of her family to join in with the rebllion though mainly they seek to improve the House’s standing.

Nebellea achieved her dream of becoming an Allomancer not through physical trauma but extreme emotional stress over the course of several days in which Lord Sandcrown was captured by the Obligators in a fool hardy raid, she was forced to take a life and make hard bargains to save him only to find out shortly after that he had murdered her erstwhile bodyguard Laryma and that Quinn and Alhara had helped to cover this up.

She has since relocated with the rest of the group to Austrex where she is still struggling to find her place in things.

Relevant Links and Logs
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Entry 2 – Tears and Tantrums
Entry 3 – Unravelling Faster and Faster
Entry 4 – Plots and Plans
Busy Days
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When Things Get Complicated
17 for 17


Link to Family Tree Proper:

Debts and Favours Owed
Favour to the Obligators for accepting house Panassian presence at interrogation for Bilg.
Favour to House Profeste for allowing us to inspect their plantation lands
Favour to Tressex for the Rescue of Sandcrown
Favour to Berostar for joining the Skaa Rebellion and Letting the Party take the box.
Favour to Gerraint for him agreeing to Skaa Rebellion.

Promised Darielle to not use powers on her to resolve leveraged.

Nebellea Panassian

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