Pidge (Pellikreau Rebou)

Quinn's Childhood Friend and Tin Misting


A former street urchin and childhood thief, Pidge was a close friend of Quinn growing up as they both realised the other had powers like the other, though it wasn’t until they got older that they realised how bad that could be for their longevity.

With Quinn burning copper, they were able to stay under the radar until eventually Pidge was brought in to work at a skaa kitchen in Empoli where he uses his powers to try and keep Skaa happier and at least marginally well fed, as well as keeping an ear out for any rumours or dangers coming their way, which he in turn feeds back to the criminal Skaa underground. He has since tried to go clean in regards to his connections to criminals, but old debts keep him as a part time informant.

Him and Quinn remain good friends, though they see each other rarely as Quinn moves up in the world. As far as Pidge is concerned, getting involved with Nobles is dangerous but a good way to get ahead.

Pidge is cagey about his parentage. He says his mother sailed over from Austrex while she was still pregnant, and sailed away again not long after his birth, leaving Pidge in the care of other Skaa. Lack of parents is a significant foundation of Quinn and his’ relationship.


Pidge (Pellikreau Rebou)

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