Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 40 Summary
"Hello Poppet..."
  • Quinn gets a letter from Teven- pleased with recovery and ready to mingle (if I would like)
  • Bella gets a letter from her aunt requesting she visit
  • Resistance thank for map- will be in touch- due to make use of it
  • Go to meet Kistaris and Mennis
  • Plan
    - During ball
    - Alhara and Quinn to be away and try and take the Atium
    - Question of how to get it out
    - Hide them in stuff that looks like a metalmind
  • Tressex is the random sailor man
  • Let’s go boys
  • Strange Creature
  • Hemalurgy is experimental
  • I can bronze it
  • Hemalurgy transfers things
  • Can transfer memories
  • Uses copper to do so
  • “Made of hemalurgy so can steal your memories.”
  • Discussion of
You're not the Only One

The two sisters sat in quiet contemplation, legs stretched out in front of them on the bed. The clock on the wall ticked quietly. Cassielle thought she had rarely seen her sister so quiet. She had expected her to throw things, scream curse the world and everything in it. She thought that might be incredibly preferable to this uncomfortable sad silence and the deadened look in Nebellea’s eyes.

She squeezed her sister’s hand. “You okay Bella,”

“Hmmm what? Oh yes absolutely no completely fine,”


“Alright no I’m not but really I kind of expected this, he was bound to have fallen for someone or other by now. It’s not like he I mean the logical part of me has always said it was not going to work out. He’s an important scion of House Lekel while I come from a minor family that at best is a largish fish and a very small pond. I mean why do I still care about him when I know he is all about House and fortune rather than anything else. Everything would be House Lekel this and House Lekel that, yes father shall I kill another skaa father? He attacks our ships at sea and still I try to think of justification for his actions. And for the Lord Ruler’s sake he’s half again my age! How did I ever think this would end like a fairy tale from back when we were young?”

“Nothing is Forever,” Cassielle quoted remembering.

“Oh do not quote the House motto to me at a time like this Cas!”

“I always found them quite profound, we move forward and adapt. The good things will not always be with us forever so cherish them while they are. And so neither will the bad times, look to their end and move forwards. Yeah sure it is not going to work out with Hyrum and it never will but you have other good things in your life to hold onto. You’ve been hurt before and you have always gotten back up.”

A long silence stretched between the two and Cassielle could see a little of the fire back in Nebellea’s eyes.

“When the blazes did you get to be so profound,”

“Just comes with being your amazing younger sister, no need to applaud.”

Chapter 39 Summary
That time Hyrum was a Jerk

Night before

  • Fallow watches skaa at night trying to find one which is rebellious
  • Finds one


  • Quinn heads to docks to ask about Zayn and Tressex
  • No information on Tressex (i.e broon or slips given what tressex is)
  • Zayn found to be dock/warehouse worker of Triskinle’s who disappeared about a week ago
  • More information possible, will require trust of warehouse skaa
  • Bella and Fallow poke the dockmaster about information of any new nobles who have arrived
  • No information returned


  • Fallow continues attempting to earn trust of Skaa
  • Quinn potters about trying to learn slow burn
  • Others prepare for dinner (hiding weapons)


  • Find out Hyrum is a tineye and Adassey is a rioter
  • Riot Owandise’s anger regarding her brother leaving to sign up with pirates
  • Quinn consequently riots Adassey’s shame
  • Manage to avoid further emotional allomancy during dinner
  • Men and women retire to different rooms
  • Men find out that Hyrum knows how to pace himself when drinking, sails frequently, and has a secret love in the community
  • He lost his eye in a riding accident
  • Quinn asks to go on Hyrum’s next business trip
  • Bella learns that Wrayn likes Pellik (success…)
  • [Cullen, care to add anything as I wasn’t wholly paying attention at that point]

Post Dinner

  • Bella is a emotional, if honest
  • Hyrum is a jerk, if entirely composed

Next Morning

  • Quinn tells everyone but Bella about Hyrum’s love
  • Everyone learns of the new allomancers in our midst.
Chapter 39
Story 3


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 3 for Bella
  • 3 for Fallow
  • 3 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 3 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn

Dramatic Failure

  • 1 for Bella

Adventure Log

Heart to Heart

“You seem in an awfully good mood,”

Nebellea turned to look back at her sister lounging on one of rooms comfortable divans.

“I’m sorry?”

“I forgive you. You were humming, like you were happy,” Casielle flicked to the next page of her book.

Nebellea scowled “I did not realise that feeling optimistic was against the law,”

“Nah it’s just weird that’s all, It’s kind of freaking me out. You normally just blush or throw tantrums,”

“I do not!”

“Oh sure, I’ll just blame the slamming doors on Pellik,” Casielle hid her smile behind her book. Nebellea turned stiffly back to the mirror and concentrated on fixing another hair pin in place.

“I wonder why are you feeling so upbeat today?” Casielle continued in mock confusion stroking an imaginary beard.

“I am not listening to your silliness little sister.”

“Maybe you got a pony? No that can’t be right. Oh! I know you’re happy because you got a pat on the head from Owandise!” Casielle did not need tin to hear Bella’s teeth grinding at the jibes. “Oh wait I know.” Casielle paused for effect “Your getting to see Hyrum tonight! That’s why you aren’t as grumpy as usual!”

“Oh would you stop it!” Nebellea snarled spinning round again.

“You looooooovvvvve him, Nebby!” Cassielle cackled, laying aside her book “Who’d have thought one eyed, thirty somethings were your thing!”

“I do not! It’s not-”

“Oh Hyrum,” Casielle simpered mimicking her sister’s voice “your eye patch is sooo cute aahhhh!” Casielle yelped as launched a pillow at her.

“Stop being insufferable! And no I WAS happy because I was reminded I had people who like me! Care about me!”

“Awwwww how sweet did Hyrum get you flowers?”

“NO!” Bella took a moment to compose herself “Actually it was Quillan who reminded me and no before you ask he did not buy me flowers! He hugged me and reminded me that people cared. Akhara had been pacing around all night wiring for me. There happy now!”


“What no smart response?”

“I’m sure I’ll come up with something in a second,”

Nebellea turned to look at her sister slightly surprised. She was sat grumpily picking up her book again

“Why do you look like a sour puss all of a sudden?”

“No reason, would you stop distracting me from my book now”

“Me distracting you!”

“Yes stop it.” A long silence descended.

“You’re jealous!” You could hear the grin in Nebellea’s voice as she made the connection.

“I am not!”

“You absolutely are! You’re jealous of Quinn hugging me! Is that why you have suddenly take such an interest in playing that Skaa game?”

“No! It’s not like that! I uh.”

“Impressive that must the first time I have ever seen you at a loss for words.”

“Shut up, I don’t want to…”Cassiel stopped speaking as Nebellea suddenly hugged her, pressing her sister against her as words began tumbling out.

“Look I know that things are a little, strained at the moment and you can be a real brat sometimes but don’t be afraid Cas. I’m here for you and I just want to see you happy. If you have taken a fancy to Quillan that’s… that’s fine. We seem to have so little time to just enjoy the moment and be ourselves now. Too much worrying about what will or will not happen. So if you are finding joy in spending time with Quillan just… just enjoy it,”

Cassielle nodded her head silently and the two broke apart from their hug. They stood their awkwardly for a few seconds neither sure of what to say.

“I’lll – I’ll see you at dinner Cas,”

“Just learn to practice what you preach okay Bella?” Cassielle says quietly as her sister walked away.

Chapter 38
Story 3


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 3 for Quinn


  • 3 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 2 for Fallow


  • 1 for Alhara

Dramatic Failure

  • 1 for Fallow

Adventure Log

Chapter 38 Summary
The Session we did a lot of Dancing
  • Go dancing
  • Adassey seems distracted/tired
  • Other girls are uninteresting in general
  • We have lunch where Hyrum and Ronan turn up late.
  • Ronan stares at Nebellea like a Predatory animal might eye up prey
  • We try to find out something about the house through leading questions
  • Manage to see first two floors (ground and first)
  • Bella causes a scene so Alhara can sneak off
  • Alhara finds out about a secret room in the library
  • We faff some more at dancing, major outcomes are:
  • Krea and Adassey are to be coming for dinner with Hyrum and Wrayn
  • Fallow has made an impression on krea (swooning and connected now…) such that he hopes to be employed as a dance teacher in other noble establishments
  • At home there is a skaa (later called Zayn) who has no memories, appears to be from Austrex City Dock Workforce
  • He is not able to burn gold (thanks Bella)
  • Has a package contained Alhara’s old Copperminds
  • They still possess her investiture but not the actual memories
  • She is understandably freaked out
  • Message on note: “Thank you, these were delicious”
  • Otherwise seem like normal metal minds (confirmed by Alhara) and regular copper purity (confirmed by Bella)
  • Quinn writes a letter to Teven (to be sent to Richard via slack)
  • We get some Skaa which Fallow makes introductions to (like Oskar Schindler)
  • Quinn learns some basic science with Alhara
  • Bella makes some thought based progress on her reconnecting with Cassie after the beating

Plan moving forward:

  • Bella and Alhara to poke around Noble Homes to find out who the strange noble lady may have been
  • Quinn to look into finding Slips (or Broon) in order to find tressex, and to look into finding information about Zayn from Dock Workers
  • Fallow to work with Alhara in indoctrinating our new Skaa
  • Fallow to continue his rehabilitation of Molsier
A Question of Loyalty

Quinn raised his eyebrows at Cassiel.

“That’s not a word, is it?”

It had been his idea, trying to increase his vocabulary. There had been a few too many occasions at balls were his lack of education had shown during conversation. He wasn’t stupid, but oftentimes he’d been reduced to an awkward smile and a half-assed response.

“It is, Quillan. It means using long words when short ones will do.”

“Oh. Sounds like a lot of conversations at balls then. How did you pronounce it?”

“Ses, as in cesspit. Qui as in…key with a Q. Pay, day, lee, an. Sesquipedalian.”

“Okay…isn’t there a shorter word for that?”

“Well yes. You can say verbose, too, but it’s a less interesting word really.” She smirked, similar to her sisters half grin when she knew she’d done something clever and unexpected.

“How about…” she paused to think “happiness?”

“Not this again.”

“I like to expand by horizons. Humour me. I would like to get something out of these sessions too.”

She did it quite a lot. As far as he could tell, Nebellea had given some speech about slaw lives being so different to noble lifestyles and now she liked to see how their views on abstract concepts like happiness compared.

“Happiness…it’s more than being contented. It’s active pleasure when something has happened. It’s getting some extra food one day. It’s getting a transferred from one noble to another, one who beats less. It’s finishing work early. It’s winning cardgames.” He grinned at the last one.

“Quite. I wouldn’t say we differ there. How about loyalty?”

“Doing right by those who do right by you.”

“That sounds small minded, Quill.”

“Maybe. Skaa have to be loyal to number one…maybe some family. It isn’t really a quality in skaa. They’ll be family minded, but loyalty is more than that. Obligatory are loyal. Guards are loyal. Skaa don’t have the liberty.”

“I see. You’re loyal to someone though, right? Pellik?”

“I guess. I’d do what he asked me to do, I’d stand by him if he made a decision I agreed on.”

“What if he did something you didn’t agree with it?”

“Within reason I guess…can you be loyal to ideas?”

“Yes, but it’s not the same.”

She looked quizzically at him.

“So, between friends who can keep a secret, who are you loyal to in this…enterprise?”

“Penndlehave. He gave up his life to be here in so many ways. I stole Tret away so I’m responsible for his current situation.”

“Thats responsibility, not loyalty. Loyalty is standing by someone who is perhaps not always perfect. It’s allegiance and support, abandoning something of yourself for them.”

Quinn lent back in his chair. Who am I loyal to?

It was on his mind after Alhara announcing she may leave for Terris. He was loyal to her for what she had done to educate him. But more than that, she was trusting of him. It might not be more than the others in the group, but trust inspired trust.

But then what about the group as a whole? Was he loyal to Bella, to Fallow, to Owandise?

Owandise was a fine woman, but he didn’t know her. He was grateful for what she had done and somewhat of what she represented, but he wouldn’t do anything she asked without question.

Fallow…former pirate and skaa beater, now a reforming man trying to improve the lives of skaa. He’d made him kill a man for the sake of his own security…would he do it again? Or had their dynamic changed enough that he’d know not to do that? It was a hard question. He respected the man. He was a logical man, immovable in some ways unless you could prove why what you’re doing was reasonable. It doesn’t seem like loyalty.

Bella…confused, changing Nebellea. He never knew what to expect. When she had moved to steal from Lekal…he would never have expected it. He would have leapt to join her…but it wasn’t selfless. He wanted to move against the nobles when he could. What if she wanted them to attack skaa?

Except she wouldn’t. If nothing else, he could rely on her to be less violent, more accepting than him.

“I don’t like this question, Cassiel. I’m loyal to the group and what we’re working towards…but it comes from me agreeing with it.”

“Sometimes, Quillan, loyalty can be a two way street. You give them your loyalty, knowing they wouldn’t abuse that responsibility.”

“So who are you loyal to, Cassie?”

“I’ll tell you when you know who you’re loyal to, Quill. Anyway, how about abolishment?

Chapter 37
Story 3


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 2 for Alhara
  • 3 for Bella
  • 3 for Fallow
  • 3 for Quinn


  • 3 for Alhara
  • 2 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 3 for Quinn

Dramatic Failures

  • 2 for Bella

Adventure Log

Chapter 37 Summary
The Session Bella ran away
  • Bella goes on a merry jaunt
  • Gets spotted by lucky guard
  • Fallow wakes up and figures it out
  • We go out to try and find her
  • Fallow eventually goes home while Quinn waits at the gate leading to the house from the city
  • Bella sneaks by and gets home, informing quinn in the morning of this so he can come home
  • Bella finds nothing of huge interest, was spotted immediately
  • Quinn and Cassiel go shopping while Alhara goes to see Kwabez
  • Roadtrip to Terris is required
  • Quinn and Bella have a conversation (trying to resolve leveraged)
  • Bella learns to accept people like her
  • Fallow has some knife play with Owandise
  • Alhara tells the people in the room about her maybe needing to leave to Terris
  • Discussion is had about whether we should go or not
  • Quinn wants them to accompany her, but Fallow points out that they have lasting issues to resolve in Austrex.
  • In the evening we train Tret and Bella in perception and stealth respectively
  • The next morning we do science to use nicrosil to bump charges out of the key and then to figure out what nicrosil does allomantically
  • We succeed in both these things.
  • We are also all informed Cassiel is a Copper Misting

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