Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 34 Summary
The man we are after, in more way than one

• Ball continues as Quinn changes
• Wrayn and Pidge dance (Pidge crushes hard on Wrayn)
• Bella and Ronan dance
o He is a horrible person with a strange fixation of dancing in the mists (potential allomancer)
• Fallow dances exceptionally well such that he finds a common footing to approach Hyrum Lekal
• Conversation ensues between Fallow and Ronan and Hyrum and Bella
• Bella starts to convince Hyrum to come over (suspecting him to be our target) and develops a weird crush
• Quinn comes back from getting changed, apologises to Hasting and Dilisteni- later makes an offer to the mother to socialise with Molsier to bring him out of his shell
• Otherwise Quinn spends the evening with Teven
• Fallow and Bella are drunk (“Koloss in a suit”)
• Fallow tells everyone how he told Ronan to cut the toes from Skaa as opposed to fingers
• Alhara leaves at Ronan’s name, and gets water for Bella
• Quinn leaves rather upset after the toe reveal and the fact that Fallow seems to genuinely feel he did something good
• Bella put to bed by Owandise

• Alhara checks on Quinn (angry wood chopping)
• Alhara and Quinn discuss injustice of the world
• Quinn encourages Alhara to do something to make the world better rather than the internalised aim to improve
• Alhara preaches a calmer approach of interpreting the past and making yourself better from the inside that need not be shown to the whole world
• They both agree and believe Ronan should probably die, if only he wasn’t a Lekal nobleborn
• Quinn tells Alhara he intends to get involved with Crime to get back at the nobles while he vaguely continues to be involved in their parties.

• Fallow and Bella also have a conversation about the wedding and Nebellea avoiding accusing Hyrum.

• The next morning we find out Bella has a crush on Hyrum
• She flees, embarrassed, and party decide to try and grab Hyrum after he goes out sailing and then take him to Zolacaster to sign up to his initiative.
• Fallow attempts to speak to her and convince her we must do as promised in regards to the pirates, but will attempt to keep him alive. They also discuss Tret snapping into a Tineye and that maybe the ever present mists are more important than they thought (MIST-born)
• And Tret is a tineye! Whoop! Praise the Lord Ruler!
• Alhara hires some staff to work in the metallurgy lab once it is up and running
• Quinn goes to the docks to meet Tulley of the Iron Clips, gives a run down of abilities such that he hopes to be recruited

Chapter 34
Story 3


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 2 for Alhara
  • 3 for Bella
  • 2 for Fallow
  • 3 for Quinn


  • 3 for Alhara
  • 2 for Bella
  • 3 for Fallow
  • 2 for Quinn

Adventure Log

Rags to Riches

“So I should follow your example right?”

Pidge wandered out to join Quinn on the balcony, the din of the party fading into the private mutterings on the balcony.

“Probably not, Pellik. I fear I let my amusement get the better of me?”

“I thought you said it wasn’t intended?”

“It wasn’t intended. Of course, it was always possible when you poke a pewterarm but…I wasn’t sure. I should have kept my head down.”

Pidge sat next to him, quietly staring out into the mists.

“Strange,” he said quietly, “We’ve been here a thousand times, staring out at the mists, but look at us. At a party with the Great Houses.”

“Yeah…we just need to not lose sight of why we’re here in the nonsense of it.”

“And not start fights with pewterarms.”

“Agreed. If you’re gonna start a fight with a pewterarm, you need to make you you’re in the advantageous position, really.”


“It’s a joke, it’s a joke. I didn’t fight back did I? I’m maturing.”

Pidge just rolled his eyes, and scanned the assorted nobles. They wore sequinned and bejewelled outfits, fabrics more expensive per metre than everything he’d probably owned in his life. Quinn had advised him to keep his tin hidden, unless he made one of the mistborn aware so they could hide him, and to assume everyone else would be doing the same and listening in. It was good advice, but it left him feeling on edge.

“Why did you do it, Quillan?” He asked it carefully, the name sounding strange on his tongue.

“I was trying to make friends,” he spun, and leaned back on the balcony, staring back inside the party, “You see that guy next to the lady in the green dress? His name is Durran, House Triskinle, the girl is Valette Renoux. They bet me I couldn’t talk to Molsier, he was my assailant, for ten minutes. He won, of course, but I took the gamble on impressing on my betters that I wasn’t uninteresting. I didn’t actually mean to cause a scene.”

“Did you…do your thing?”

“I have no idea what you’re referring to, Pellik.” Quinn looked at him wide eyed, his twitching lip indicating his amusement.

“Quillan.” There it was again. That disappointed tone everyone used around him.

“Yes, yes I did. Only the tiniest bit as I tried to make him more talkative. Like it probably didn’t help me, but it was another gamble.”

“Apparently that game of shelldry put you in a gambling mood…you do remember that you lost, right?”

Quinn glared at him.

“Yes, I’m quite aware of the Lady Panassian’s ability to beat me at cards. I don’t know…I just never really think I can’t do something. A task gets put in front of me, and I do it. I don’t really think about how many hurdles I’ll jump and how many I’ll crash into face first. I just start acting.”

“You know how stupid that sounds right? Acting without thinking?”

“Yeah…but look where thinking got everyone in there. They all think about what they’re doing: all moves and countermoves. There’s so much bullshit it’s a wonder all that perfume covers it.” Quinn’s voice was rising slowly, bringing a few glances in their direction.

“I don’t think you should swear so loudly, Q. It’s…unseemly? Is that the right word? Regardless, you shouldn’t be bringing more attention to yourself.”

“Probably not,” Quinn sighed, “You should head back inside anyway, you haven’t ballsed up your reputation and I think you’ve done the requisite ‘Talking to that idiot in my house’ malarkey.”

Pidge glanced it him quickly, grimacing slightly. With a intake of breath, and a quick “Wish me luck” he headed back into the party, heading towards Cassiel and Alhara.

Quinn turned back to look out at the mists.

I could do so much good out there with the Skaa. I could find food, take down guards. Yet here I am being gorged and drinking with the people who beat us for pleasure. He burned steel, seeing the usual blue lines of the world, and thought about leaping over the balcony into the night. Let them know what I am.

Instead, he returned to just burning bronze, noticing again that strange presence. There was work to be done, and even if he didn’t like it, someone had to look out for skaa interests.

Time to apologise to some nobles.

Chapter 33
Story 3


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 3 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Fallow

Adventure Log

Chapter 33 Summary
The Session even Richard hadn't slept


  • Planning for if we find the Pirate Leader
  • Quinn and Bella dance, Fallow and Owandise join in
  • Cassiel to attend
  • Fallow makes a ring

At the party

  • Introduce ourselves to the Hasting House then Lukel
  • Bylerum Boys (Carrow primarily) Introduce Bella to Important Folks

What everyone gets up to

The party gets together to figure out what to do next, plan to make apologies. Quinn does very well at lying about what happened, no one believes him despite 4 successes…

Next on the agenda: Dancing and Apologies.

Secrets over Shelldry

Shelldry rules taken from here

A hush fell over the table as Cassielle searched the eyes of the three boys, Pendlehave whispering quietly behind her. They could hear murmurs through the floor above, and the light footsteps of Nebellea gracefully reminding herself of the court dances.

That’s what I should be doing.

The thought betrayed him and he continued to stare down Cassie as she looked at her hand. Pidge had folded early on, but Quinn pointedly ignored the stare and raised eyebrow he was being given. Pallino was quiet, rarely folding or overall being an involved player. Cassielle claimed she had never played before, yet the pile of clips in front of her either indicated they were being hustled or Pendlehave was a truly excellent teacher.

She called, staying in the game. Pidge, dealer, turned over an iron and a steel. Strong pair to match the iron and steel already in his hand. Double alloy wasn’t a bad hand to have, he remembered Manny seemed to call it the medial hand. That one hand in the middle that was never definite win but would be a success often enough.

Pallino called, and Cassie did as well, just leaving Quinn to make a choice. He hurred to himself.

“I’m not sure what the right idea is here. Is our little princess sure she wants to stay in? I’ve got a pewter and a tin in here, so unless you have the Temporal duo it’s not worth it.”

“Play your cards, Quinn. None of this nonsense.”

They’d taken his mistborn vials off of him before they had agreed to play, not trusting to him to not use allomancy to his own advantage. He still had a little zinc left in him from earlier but not enough for more than a round of two of play so he it was held in reserve. He had some steel too, but that was just good sense. You never knew when the next rogue Kandra would knock down your door, he’d argued, getting a queasy look from everyone who wasn’t the scowling Pidge.

“No nonsense, Pellik my man. Just an idea. I thought we could bet something different here on out since little miss Cassie over her is about to bleed me dry.”

Her eyebrow raised, in the same way Nebellea’s did whenever she was unsure whether to be offended or curious about something Quinn did.

“I was wondering,” he spoke over Pidge, “If we might bet stories with secrets. Let’s say two each, if you bet a story then everyone else has to bet one to stay in.”

Pallino shrugged, “I’ve got nothing to hide, m’lo…Quinn. I’m happy to stay in a little longer.”

Quinn smirked slightly at the misstep. He was dressed for the ball in his new suit, and it was evidently making Pallino a little uncomfortable.

“Sure, Quinn, let’s just get this over with.” Pidge was similarly attired, and Quinn swore Bella had practically squealed when they had finished his makeover for his royal presentation tonight. They were both still unsure why she’d bought him a suit, but it wasn’t in the former’s nature to question nobles.

Cassielle frowned. “I feel rather ganged up on. Is it the custom to single out the new player and make her feel, as she wins, that she has instead lost the trust of her new friends?”

Pallino blushed slightly, but Pidge and Quinn caught each others’ eyes and, grinning, responded in unison with “Yes.”

“Fine then, two secrets,” she sighed.

“Excellent. I double down and throw in a secret.”

“Of course you do, Lord Rebou. Pallino, are you calling?” Pallino harrumphed to himself and folded, sacrificing but a measly 4 clips in the process.

“Just me then,” Cassielle grinned herself, “I guess I’ll have to call, I’ll even raise you a clip if you’re feeling risky.”

“I’m all about a little risk, my lady.”

They both revealed their cards. Double alloy versus 3 of a kind.

“One secret from the Lady Panassian. I’m gonna cash that in right now so that we can all know our new friend a little better.”

Cassielle flushed a little as the cards were revealed, but unlike her sister she quickly got herself under control.

“One secret…one secret…any suggestions from the table? Pidge, you’re likely to be less invasive than your friend. Suggestion.”

“Something about your youth, my lady. Tell us about a time you broke a rule.”

“Hmm. Well it’s not really a rule, but did you ever meet my cousin Darielle? Ghastly woman, always using emotional allomancy on anyone near her. It’s a wonder her mother and father haven’t cracked, though the obligators are still out on Uncle Ber,” she tittered to herself, not caring that no one else got the joke, "But Bella, when I was only small, told me to never spend time with Darielle with my brother or father there. They said she’d not care about my youth and she was worried I’d get upset. I know you give a hard time, Quinnie, but she’s a rather wonderful sister. The servants say she’s like our mother, and she took over the role of the ‘mother’ in the house. I think it was a bit much for her though….

“Anyway, yes. So Bella made me promise I’d never go see Darielle on my own but one time, when I was 9, I’d ripped my favourite dress and Leon and Father were out shopping while Nebellea was out for lunch. I didn’t know who else to ask, so I knocked on Darielle’s door. It was like walking into the den of a Koloss in my head. This strange, mean woman with odd powers. She was a bit put out by the screaming child clinging to her…but she comforted me. I’m pretty sure she simply used the allomancy to make me happy again, but after I left I still felt good until father returned.

“So my secret, I guess, is that my cousin isn’t actually a total bitch.”

There was a chorus of laughter around the table, in part caused by the dainty 14 year old saying ‘bitch’. Even Penndlehave smiled slightly as he turned away to finish fixing one of Cassielle’s dresses.

“Is emotional allomancy really that bad?” asked Pallino.

“It’s mercurial,” Pidge eyed Quinn as he spoke, “But I can give you a sample if you’d like? Someone is literally changing your emotions, usually for their own gain. It’s a tactic, and something people frown on. It might be worth me doing it once just so you know in future. Just let me know.”

Pallino nodded, his attention returned to the game.

“I think we have time for one more hand before you three need to get ready for this ball,” Penn said, checking his pocket watch.

“My deal?” Quinn gathered up the cards and began shuffling before dealing the cards out to the table. I need to beat Cassie. Can’t have Panassians’ continuing to best me this week.

Zinc and Iron. A bad hand really, but he’d have to stay in. Pidge called, going all in with everything but his secrets, and everyone but Pallino followed suit.

“I should help Penn with that dress,” he muttered.

Quinn bet a secret again, and Pidge just glared at him before folding and crossing his arms.

“Looks like you and I are the only ones with the guts to play a game of risk, Lady P.”

“Quite. Can we draw now? I do believe I have bet all I can.”

They turned over the two central cards: steel and brass. Quinn fought down a smile,

“Looks like you’ll be telling another story soon, Cassie.”

“Oh I don’t think so.” She then lay down her hand. The dynamic duo, gold and atium. The end hand.

“Lord Ruler damn it!” Quinn threw down his cards, and the windows burst open as he reflexively lashed out with steel. “Oops.”

Pidge laughed and shook Cassielle’s hand, “A marvellous hustle, my dear. You need to show me who taught you to cut cards.”

“She was cheating?!” Quinn looked indignant. “You were watching me when she was cheating?”

“Of course, Quinn. It’s far too much fun watching you lose.” Cassielle and Pidge shared a laugh.

“Cough up, Lord Grey. What’s your secret?”

Quinn’s eyebrows left the frown he’d been wearing, and he walked over to close and relatch the windows.

“Do you consider yourself a sensible woman?” Quinn asked.

“How do you mean?”

“Well…would you say you had sensibilities? Are they offensible? I daren’t tell a story the ladies of this house will berate me for.”

“Don’t be a prude, Quinn. Tell me your secret.”

“Okay, okay. Just make sure you tell Nebellea you had to twist my arm with platitudes to get it. I don’t know if she ever told you, but I grew up in a brothel. Yes, Pallino, a brothel, don’t give me that look. Well my mother…there aren’t a lot of jobs for skaa that don’t involve beatings…so she ended up in one where she was treated nice, after a fashion. She gave birth to me, and four years later she got pregnant again. Issue is, Nobles can’t have children with skaa, can they? Contaminates the gene pool. So when this guy found out, she was taken away and killed…but let’s not get into that. Point is, I grew up in a brothel and the reason why isn’t some funny story.

“Well so I worked at this brothel and the busy nights were nights like these. The balls bring out a lot of drunk nobles and they like to go get their jollies, and the guards are all in one place so it’s a chance for the skaa to get some action too,” Cassiel paled slightly at the words, Penndlehave clicking and pointing with a meaningful look at Quinn, “So yeah. Working the night of the ball. Must have been about 13 or 14 at the time, your age. And this noble comes along. Big carriage, 4 guards, two horses, and him and his son get out. Sent me in to go get the master of the house. Out he wanders, shoulders slouched and voice barely a whisper. This noble was visiting, he said, and wanted his son to have his coming of age.”

“Coming of age?” Cassiel looked slightly stricken.

“Yep. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you about that one for fear of my tongue being cut out. But I’m sat out there while the son goes inside, and waiting on the Noble if he wants anything in our power to offer. Nothing, of course. What could skaa offer?”

“Entertainment,” muttered Pidge through clenched teeth.

“Too right,” Quinn touched his nose and pointed at Pidge, “Entertainment. So Bella likes to tease me because I have this fear of horses right. So my secret, my story with a secret, is why. To put it short and sweet, that noble thought it’d be funny to whip his horses into a frenzy while I stood between them. Lord Ruler, I wish I’d had the metals I have now. Instead I was trampled, terrified, and everytime I crawled away they poked me back under with sticks. If I passed out, they dunked me in water and threw me back.”

Cassielle had her mouth covered by her hand. “That is horrible. However did they get away with such a thing.”

“Oh that’s not a hard secret, Cassie. Don’t you know Skaa lives don’t matter?”

It was at this point that Nebellea walked in, a dressing gown tied around her waist.

“We need to get ready, Cas. Are you quite done corrupting my sister, Quillan?” She said it jokingly. Seems like this ball has her in a good mood, he thought.

“She was quite corrupted already, Nebellea,” Pidge interrupted, “Did you teach her to cut like that?”

Nebellea raised a single eyebrow, much like Cassielle had earlier, and escorted her sister out, tutting.

Chapter 32 Summary
The Session the Players were Dead Inside
  • Found out Alhara’s Steward Friend had speciality in fighting styles
  • Some debate as to his purpose
  • Resolved to find the Alloyed Haze as a group
  • Fallow and Quinn head into Austrex proper to find out more
  • Fallow finds out how the ships are “swarmed” during attacks, cargo seized, boats usually have the unusual number of two masts
  • Quinn corroborates accounts given to Fallow from noble reports.
  • Attackers all seem to be skaa in appearance and demeanor although some dressed in noble clothing
  • Attackers only stay if no resistance. If people on board fight back then they usually disappear again.
  • Fallow and Quinn return and relay this information
  • Alhara and Quinn then contact requisite people (Kistaaris and other steward) to let them know we’ll be out the city in the next few days pirate hunting
  • Fallow has a miraculous moment of having the foresight to make sure these pirates aren’t our secret allies
  • Bella finds a boat and crew for us to use
  • We sail around hoping to be attacked but fail to be so. Manage to cross a boat which has been attacked and track it back to a cove (find boat and no people)
  • We track the people across land to no success beyond guessing they are probably plantation skaa of the Lekal house
  • Matt regrets writing a backstory as Alhara sighs internally

Other stuff which happened

  • Quinn bothers Alhara trying to find out more about why she won’t fight. Asks about the coinshot she killed and why she wants to learn martial arts.
  • The allomancers have a little ruck to practice working in tandem and Owandise proves top dog, disappointing Fallow as much as impressing him.
Chapter 32
Story 3


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 1 for Alhara
  • 1 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn


  • 2 for Alhara
  • 2 for Bella
  • 1 for Fallow
  • 1 for Quinn

Adventure Log

A Pidge of Honesty

Pidge was waiting up when Quinn got back. He was sat on the bed playing with the horseshoes, the window open, the stars’ light streaming in like a thousand tiny lanterns suspended in the mists. It wasn’t the first time he’d done this, stood there taut and staring into the distance.

“What’s going on with you and Lady Panassian?”

“Me and…oh,” Quinn paused mid-statement, his usual smirk dropping and his eyebrows shifting slightly downwards, “She’s our boss, Pidge.”

There was a quick swish as Pidge hurled a horseshoe. Reflexively, Quinn let the warmth of steel burn pulse through him as he pushed it and stopped its momentum, letting it fall to the floor. Almost simultaneously, Pidge crashed into him.

“Lord Ruler….Pidge, what are you doing? Is it zinc?”

Quinn switched on Copper to cover Pidge but he continued attempting to pin Quinn down. Even with Pewter, Pidge’s superior size and background on the streets meant it was an even match. Especially since Quinn wouldn’t take any serious damage, whereas steelpushed metal cut deep.

“What. Think. Of. Bella.” Pidge panted as he managed to pin Quinn’s arms down.

“Pidge stop…for the love of…”

It was at this point that Quinn learnt the sensation of being thrown out a window, with Pidge squarely on top of him. In the interest of not letting his friend take a faceful of bruises, Quinn let himself be knocked into the ground, burning Pewter to take the shake off the worst of the fall.

“Tell me.”

Pidge spoke with an unusual finality. Even when he’d told Quinn about his mother or when he’d decided to leave the underground he hadn’t seem so determined. As the ash settled, Quinn sighed.

“She’s…Nebellea. Don’t give me that look, I’ve literally never known anyone like her, so it’s hard for me to compare to anyone we’ve ever known. You know how there was that bitch at the pier who used to order us around until the Obligators beat her? She’s kind of like her. But then she’s also like Manny, she cares about what I want and gives me the time of day…”

Quinn trailed off as he gave Pidge, now silent, a funny look.

“She reminds me a lot of you too. She’s honest, but she doesn’t coddle. She teases without being mean. And she respects me even if she won’t admit it to anyone else. I’ve not known anyone like her Pidge…” Quinn trailed off, turning away to stare at the countryside, “And you know what I did to this fine lady who took me off the streets and fed, educated and clothed me? I was part of a cover up to kill someone she cared about. I encouraged us covering it up. You know how messed up that is?”

While he spoke, the mist began swirled around him, and if seeker was nearby they would have seen him flaring tin and pewter, making the now angry youth starkly aware of the world around him.

For a few moments, they were silent, until the mist began to return to it’s usual, sedentary state.

“Why does it matter?” Quinn looked over to Pidge, his hands shaking slightly.

“You bought her gifts. You tease her. I’m just worried,” he walked over to lean on Quinn’s shoulders, “I want to know you’re being smart. She’s a noble, you’re not. There’s boundaries.”

“Boundaries, what do you mean?” Quinn muttered.

“I mean…keep your wits about you, all three of them.” He locked Quinn’s head in his elbow and began to drive his knuckles into his head. Laughing, Quinn locked Pidge’s waist in his arms and pulled on the bag of horseshoes in his room, bringing them both crashing into the side of the building.

Pidge abruptly let go, “Fuck, I’m never gonna get used to that. I’m so grateful you’re the mistborn and not me. I can’t deal with the uncontrolled speed of it.”

There was a shrug from Quinn, as his smirk returned. “Serves you right for the nuggie…what was all this about anyway? Have you got a crush on the beauteous Lady Panassian?”

“No,” Pidge’s eyes became hard again, a sharpness to his stare that hinted at the tin Quinn could sense burning, “But the question is do you? She’s a fine lady, and more honest than anyone I know…let alone than anyone in this house deserves.”

Quinn opened his mouth, his hand half raised, and then shot into the sky, pushing off into the local countryside. Only by merit of his enhanced senses did he hear him mutter, “I won’t grace that with an answer.”

A while later, as Pidge prepared himself for bed, he burned out the rest of his Tin keeping an eye on Quinn.

I must have spent a third of my life watching out for him. I wonder if he knows what a pain he can be. A reliable pain in the rear, despite his good intentions.

He spotted Quinn vault over the wall, the lack of grace in his movements suggesting whatever metals he had were now used up. He looked thoughtful. Hopefully that meant he listened to what I said.

He climbed into bed, allowing himself a small smirk. It didn’t take a rioter to get someone to tell you what they wanted. Just a little push in the right direction, and apparently sometimes out the window.


“So is it a good book?” Nebellea tapped the spoon against the cup and sipped it delicately.

“Lecate and Herios,” Cassielle glanced up over the top of her book for a moment as she flicked to the next page.

“I do not remember that one?”

“I am not surprised they burned most of the copies in 313 AA, the Prelan of Austrex called it flagrant and salacious, I believe he was offfended by the ahem romantic portions most of all.”

“Hmmm I am not sure that is the sort of book I think you should be reading.”

“I am not sure that a girl who has actively recruited renegade Mistborn,abetted Pirates and joined the Skaa rebellion has much say on the morality of her sister reading a book”

Nebellea pursed her lips, eyebrows drawing into a frown. Cassielle giggled setting aside the book in it’s plain black binding.

“Bella I am joking, you know?” Cassielle grabbed her hands from across the small table and Nebellea can’t help grinning back as well.

“I know Cas but you can be a right little brat sometimes!”

“Oh hark at the pot calling the kettle black, it isn’t like you’re a meek mouse Bella! You know I can hear you and your shouting matches all over the house.”

“Well it’s normally Quillan or someone who started it!”

“In Lecate and Helios they start off arguing too, maybe that is how you show affection?” Cassielle’s eyebrows wriggled suggestively as her sister grimaced.

“Lord Ruler don’t make me sick, ugh”

“Well maybe I’ll just have to ask him to the next ball instead then, he’s a mistborn and cute, one day I will be a mistborn too obviously”

Nebellea became suddenly serious. “Cas is that what you really want,”

“Of course, don’t take it the wrong way but I saw how it gnaed on you before you had your power. I am a Panassian and I don’t want to just be the kid of the family left behind by her big cousins and siblings”

“Sometimes it can cost a lot to get there,” Nebellea uncomfortably twisted her hands in her lap “I just want you to be sure,”

“It hurts a lot doesn’t it?”

Nebellea nodded unclasping and clasping her hands “Don’t you dare tell anyone but I still dream about that room. The chair and the straps I wouldn’t sleep the night before if I knew I was going to have to go down there. I just remember wishing the night could just keep going…”


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