House Bylerum

House Name: Bylerum
House Head: Ladrian Bylerum
Sworn Major House: Hasting
Base of Operations: Austrex
Areas of Business: Handling the vast number of shipments entering Austrex AKA Admin

Terris Steward: Kwabez

Family Tree

  • Cordal Bylerum was raised out upon the plantations of Lukel. He gives the impression of looking to his brother for his advice. He is of a stronger appearance than his brother, and is known for being the more violent of the two in regards to his treatment of Skaa.
  • Carrow Bylerum was raised within Noble society and is suave where his brother is gruff, giving the impression he runs most of the important business in the city. He is rumoured less violent than his brother, but no less violent than most of Scadriel’s Nobles.

House Bylerum

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