House Profeste

Important Info
House Name: Profeste
House Head: Marco and Febe Profeste
Sworn Major House: Hasting
Base of Operations: Empoli
Areas of Business: Silk and Dyes

House Profeste is one of the three Major houses in Empoli, often perceived as the most noble and influential house. Though lacking any known allomantic offspring, the house is renowned for their trade in silk and dyes and have been a mercantile and businesslike family for many generations. As with other houses on the Island, they are a subordinate to House Hasting.

Family Tree

  • Marco Profeste and Febe Profeste are the heads of the Profeste house. They are both late on in life and coming to a point when it might be expected that they pass on the houses, its riches and its running to their children. In person, they are calculating and ruthless negotiators, who hold quite fabulous soirees.
  • Leon Profeste is due to inherit the house as eldest and for many years has run siginifcant parts of the “Profeste Empire” that spans the great Swathes of the tiny Empolian Island. He is married to Sanchia Profeste with their young son Belmark Profeste, the next heir to the house.
  • Asdrubal Profeste is the second eldest child and is unmarried, despite the usual penchant for political engagements. Not much is known of Asdrubal as she is not the social butterfly of Valette Trochaire or the outspoken beauty, Nebellea Panassian.
  • Eugenia Profeste is the youngest child of Marco and Febe. She likes horses and men, but isn’t overly fond of libraries. Marco attempted to arrange it so that her and Quinn in his guise of Lord Grey

House Profeste

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