Important Info
House Name: Panassian
House Head: Lord Perrion Panassian
Sworn Major House: Hasting
Base of Operations: Empoli
Areas of Business: Trade and Shipbuilding

House Panassian is a sprawling noble house with a long history of incest and allomantic breeding programmes among their sons and daughters. It is one of the three major Houses of Empoli reckoned to be second in power to Profeste and there is significant rivalry between the two. They make the majority of their money on trading deals dealing with shipping across the in particular in the trade of silks and other luxurious fabrics and the nobles of the house are always trying to keep up with the fashions of the capital.

Panassian Family Tree

* Lord Perrion Panassian is the de facto head of house though most of the house workings now fall upon his two sons, Varriance and Berostar. He is elderly at over 60 years old and is. He married his now deceased sister Shanai

* Varriance Panassian is the well respected leader of the house and heir. He was crippled in accident as a younger man and now walks with a limp. He is however a mistborn and has developed his powers around that and is thought to be a hard bargainer and leader. He married Lavinia Panassian (nee Verian) who died in Childbirth to their youngest daughter.

* Berostar Panassian is Varriance’s younger brother and right hand man, though not the brains of the operation he is resolute. He is in charge of the house guards and trains them hard. He is married to Avedine who is one of the few non Allomancers in the House. His daughter Darielle is the apple of his eye.

* Nebellea Panassian

* Gerraint Panassian the second child in the Panassian family and was being groomed as heir due to his Mistborn powers, so that he could displace Nebellea.

* Casielle Panassian an intelligent young woman who has yet to be tested for Allomantic powers. She has readily agreed to the idea of the Skaa rebellion and owns a number of banned books.

* Syrus Panassian

* Darielle Panassian

* Raynah Panassian

* Luco Panassian





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