The Rumour Mill

Player Planted Rumours

  • Lord Grey is a strong silent lord from the central dominance, Luthadel itself was itself his home and he has fled some great tragedy. (FALSE)
  • The ship recaptured from the pirates was once made by Panassian (TRUE) before being sold to Profeste and promptly “Lost” with no claim made for cargo (FALSE)
  • Lord Sandcrown has been ongoing in his courtship of Lady Rebou – he has visited her at her country estate and stayed the night (TRUE)
  • Lord Grey is staying with Fallow Sandcrown (TRUE)

Other Rumours

  • House Rebou is in ongoing financial difficulty due to failing crops and social scandal (VERIFIED)
  • Berlem Rebou died from shock and Veretta Rebou from grief after their son disappeared as part of a scandal.
  • Rebou have debts with Trochaire, Panassian and Profeste.
  • Jastes Trochaire does not run his house he spends the majority of his time drunk and incompetent. (VERIFIED)

The Rumour Mill

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