Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 28 Summary

• Alhara makes noble documents (2 made, one for each of Pidge and Quinn)

• On a boat
• Arrive on island
• Discussion as to aim of meeting, quinn brings up possible altercation and if we stay on the boat (NPCs to stay, barring Tressex and Owandise)
• Owandise interacts with brother (Wick), burning copper as suspect zolacaster can burn zinc, Owandise to protect
• Zol’s crew leaves (Sek, terris and mistborn stay). Owandise and brother nearby in background
• Zolly and Nebby exchange threats with one another (veiled) and discussion
• Bella’s offers: Info from noble society, electrum, Panassian ships to be sent, will send interested parties to work for
• Information: Hoid contacted them (he’s an informer in Austrex), box was to be passed to Owandise
• Zolly to think overnight
• Nebellea and Fallow animatedly talk, Quinn and Alhara quietly listen in, contribute when relevant or asked.

• Cassiel, Pidge, Quinn and Bella (& random others) play some random Skaa games (Easting Whispers, tag, stuck in the ash, the floor is obligators, what’s the time Mr. Mistwraith)
• Fallow tries to Convince Tret to be a strong independent Skaa who don’t need no Nobles. Some small successes.

Next Day
• Fallow, Alhara, Owandise and Bella meet Zol and his officers. Agreement is made that goals currently align, and will attempt to achieve goals together.
• Zol informed: Inquisitor incoming, Tressex not revealed
• Party informed: Other “pirates” on sea causing issues. Zol would like them gone.
• Tressex leaves with us and Broon

Arrival in Austrex
• Secured lodgings (resource 4 spend), secure said lodgings
• Fashion 2 for Fallow and Nebellea
• Bella and Quinn go exploring and she gets to be a mistborn and fly around. Fun time had by all.


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