Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 32 Summary

The Session the Players were Dead Inside

  • Found out Alhara’s Steward Friend had speciality in fighting styles
  • Some debate as to his purpose
  • Resolved to find the Alloyed Haze as a group
  • Fallow and Quinn head into Austrex proper to find out more
  • Fallow finds out how the ships are “swarmed” during attacks, cargo seized, boats usually have the unusual number of two masts
  • Quinn corroborates accounts given to Fallow from noble reports.
  • Attackers all seem to be skaa in appearance and demeanor although some dressed in noble clothing
  • Attackers only stay if no resistance. If people on board fight back then they usually disappear again.
  • Fallow and Quinn return and relay this information
  • Alhara and Quinn then contact requisite people (Kistaaris and other steward) to let them know we’ll be out the city in the next few days pirate hunting
  • Fallow has a miraculous moment of having the foresight to make sure these pirates aren’t our secret allies
  • Bella finds a boat and crew for us to use
  • We sail around hoping to be attacked but fail to be so. Manage to cross a boat which has been attacked and track it back to a cove (find boat and no people)
  • We track the people across land to no success beyond guessing they are probably plantation skaa of the Lekal house
  • Matt regrets writing a backstory as Alhara sighs internally

Other stuff which happened

  • Quinn bothers Alhara trying to find out more about why she won’t fight. Asks about the coinshot she killed and why she wants to learn martial arts.
  • The allomancers have a little ruck to practice working in tandem and Owandise proves top dog, disappointing Fallow as much as impressing him.


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