Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 35 Summary

The Session All PCs Bothered Alhara

  • Quinn continues meeting with Tulley
  • Gets a contact and a deaddrop location
  • Bella and Fallow ask pidge about his snapping for mist snapping theory
  • Pidge is polite but honest about their apparent stupidity and dismissiveness of skaa lives
  • Fallow derails conversation very slightly
  • Next on the hit list is Alhara
  • They ask her about training (echoing Quinn from a few days before)
  • That does not add much to their knowledge
  • Bella and Alhara discuss wedding plans
  • Fallow leaves and has a conversation with cassiel
  • He offers to beat her if that is something she wants because it might be better than someone she has an emotional attachment to
  • Fallow feels the conversation went well
  • Quinn meets dead drop person, run away from cruel, comes home and is eating when wanders in on wedding plan conversation
  • Asked to be a page boy, disparity between noble weddings and skaa apparent
  • Asked about his snapping, gets defensive, guilt trips nebellea about mist inoculation
  • Woooo leveraged
  • Fallow and Bella write letters
  • Alhara and Quinn deliver letters, talk about their families and growing up, as much as the concept of friends bonding
  • Letter delivery is smooth, Quinn scopes out Dilestani (?) house
  • Exp. Success on weird (hermalurgic) thing in Bylerum. External Pulling.
    Question we haven’t OOC considered is whether that is the material of the spike or the power the spike grants
  • Kwabez and Alhara chat and they arrange for Kwabez to visit and train Bella et al
  • Go home, family meeting about upcoming events
  • Quinn swallows mysterious green metal bead stuff while burning pewter


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