Guerrillas In The Mist

Chapter 37 Summary

The Session Bella ran away

  • Bella goes on a merry jaunt
  • Gets spotted by lucky guard
  • Fallow wakes up and figures it out
  • We go out to try and find her
  • Fallow eventually goes home while Quinn waits at the gate leading to the house from the city
  • Bella sneaks by and gets home, informing quinn in the morning of this so he can come home
  • Bella finds nothing of huge interest, was spotted immediately
  • Quinn and Cassiel go shopping while Alhara goes to see Kwabez
  • Roadtrip to Terris is required
  • Quinn and Bella have a conversation (trying to resolve leveraged)
  • Bella learns to accept people like her
  • Fallow has some knife play with Owandise
  • Alhara tells the people in the room about her maybe needing to leave to Terris
  • Discussion is had about whether we should go or not
  • Quinn wants them to accompany her, but Fallow points out that they have lasting issues to resolve in Austrex.
  • In the evening we train Tret and Bella in perception and stealth respectively
  • The next morning we do science to use nicrosil to bump charges out of the key and then to figure out what nicrosil does allomantically
  • We succeed in both these things.
  • We are also all informed Cassiel is a Copper Misting


Vecna AlexConno1

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