Guerrillas In The Mist

The Best Things in life are Free and Unguarded

Quinn admired his new suit. It was a fine cut, something in blue to remind him of the dress Bella has wore when she was pranking Darielle. It reminded him of a time he and her had actually worked together on something: he was hoping it would be good to remember that when she asked him to do something else he didn’t like. And now he was being told he needed to buy another suit for the wedding. Plus one for Pidge as well.

His hands clenched, It was such a waste of money. I could eat off that for months. I could do so much more with it

“Feather-pen,” it was Pidge’s favourite name for him at the moment, “What’s got your rags in a twist?”

“Just the wedding. It’s so expensive. Couldn’t we just, I don’t know, do like a little ceremony. There are Skaa starving out there, Pidge.”

Pidge’s smiled faded slightly, “Quinn, we can’t keep having this discussion. I thought we agreed we’re doing good so it’s okay to buy into this lifestyle.”

“I know, I know. I just…I mean I just bought this suit. And now we need more. How do you feel about white suits, P?”

“I think they’re stupid and will be covered in ash if we so much as look out of a window. But the Lady Rebou gets as she desires. Speaking of which, can I borrow some money?”

Quinn blinked. Self-sufficient Pidge barely asked someone to pass him a knife when he cooking, let alone ask for money.

“Why do you need money, Pidge?”

“Well…I was speaking to Penn and he said it’s normal for nobles to get gifts for each other at weddings. There is supposed to be some list and we pick items off of it. But then he thinks we should be fine just getting something small or ceremonial for Fallow, because we’re sort of family, and really the gifts are for the house, so we just need something that welcomes him into the fold.”

“That’s…thoughtful of you.”

“Well Owandise has taken us in, Q. We should play our parts at least. But I can’t make him a bread roll to say welcome to the house. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve met a noble who could boil let alone peel a potato.”

“Hmm…I’ll speak to Bella about it I guess, or Teven. He probably knows what’s appropriate. You up for Shelldry with him and Molsier sometime?”

“Molsier…the pewterarm who stabbed you?”

“Yep. I’m trying to make amends. I might let him win at shelldry and everything.”

“You’re incorrigible…can I get that money anyway?”

“Yeah sure…is this actually for Fallow or is something else going on?”

Pidge looked away. His skin, clear of ash or flour, was pale for a skaa: caused by time spent in a bakery and not under the sun. On this occasion, there was a flush rising in it also.

“I…yes. Can you just give me the money and not ask me about

“Sure…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Pidge raised an eyebrow and went digging in the drawers for loose coins, “Speaking of things I wouldn’t do, I got hired by some criminal types today.”

“WHAT?” Pidge turned from his search, a cravat in his left hand, “How did…is that why you’ve been on the docks so much? Lord, Quinn, whatever are you thinking? We have a good gig here. Why are you doing this…”

The cravat dropped silently to the floor, Pidge closing his eyes and turning around.

“Tell me why you did it then, since I obviously can’t stop you.”

“Well I figure the best way to get more Skaa in the rebellion is to recruit the folks that are already against the law. Just got to make a name for myself then I can make sure they know who to go to when the decide stealing hankerchiefs isn’t really changing anything. Plus, I want an ear to the ground. I feel penned up in this house, and I want to be out there. I’d just rather be out there being useful to something and doing something useful for the group to boot.”

“Okay, that’s at least semi-reasonable…just don’t break into any noble houses or cantons, yeah?”

“No promises. The bag, it’s under that floorboard to your right, by the way.”

“Ta muchly,” Pidge seemed unphased by the admission. He’d learnt Quinn wouldn’t tell him anything if he hadn’t wasted his time a little, and he really needed that money. She’d just love that bracelet, I’m sure.

After Pidge left, Quinn turned back to his suit.

Lot’s of nobles…at a party. House guard will be brought, but some of those lesser houses are gonna be lax… Interesting thought.

He began to whistle as he put his suit away.


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