Guerrillas In The Mist

The Great Plan

I feel I must try set my plan to page to better understand it, I want a freedom from oppression for the Skaa and a new start for all. But I want it without death or bloodshed Lord Ruler know I have seen too much of that. The others believe it a foolish plan of a silly girl but I believe that I will suceed!


  • The Skaa’s desire for revenge
  • The Opposition of House Panassian
  • The Opposition of House Triskinle
  • The Opposition of House Renoux
  • The Opposition of House Hasting
  • The Opposition of House Dilisteni
  • The Opposition of House Bylerum
  • Kistaris’ gung ho attitude
  • The opposition of the Obligators
  • Convince the Thieving crews they are better off without constantly stealing everything not nailed down.
  • Ensuring our city can be defended in the aftermath
  • Ruin

So we need to bring on side the Nobles and Skaa to have productive discussions, establish a new legal system, reign in centuries of prejudice, convince the Obligators that their god is gone and that things need to change all without destroying ourselves.

Skaa Desire for Revenge

  • The Skaa desire for revenge needs to be replaced with hope for the future and their children. Speeches and showing them what can be achieved with this must be done. I have an idea to give Alhara a school and a place for the Terris to teach from and spread their knowledge now the Lord Ruler is gone.
  • We will also need to rein in the Skaa fighters and ensure that they can be disciplined. We will need to insitgate a few month training programme to ensure this
  • Sandcrown and Quillan need to be established as Generals of the Skaa rebellion and then train the troops to follow them. Promote rivalry and competition between the two forces. Fiora, Owandise and Kwabez need to also be brought on for this.
  • We must control the weapon stockpile to prevent the opportunistic Skaa attacking before we are prepared
  • We will need set up bases to train and teach from.

The Opposition of House Panassian

  • Solved short term our need for Gold will hopefully bring the rest of the house in line and the rewards allomancerss will reap in a new system.

The Opposition of House Triskinle

  • Give Durran and Valette a chance to be together under this new government they could marry and be happy
  • Bringing them back in from being social Pariahs – arrange a secret trade deal to the Renouxs for the metal from their mines.

The Opposition of House Renoux

  • Encourage Tevan and Quillan’s friendship
  • Offer them the large scale contracts for the new army of Austrex
  • Arrange deal between them and Triskinle
  • Offer Valette and Durran chance to marry under new government
  • Buy all their weapons with Atium

The Opposition of House Hasting

  • Appear stronger than them – they have no Atium?

The Opposition of House Dilisteni

  • Reese is open to change she is kind hearted
  • Darielle to bring Molsier in line
  • Reese scared for her family offering safety and stability should help
  • Increase rumours of rampaging Koloss and monsters

The Opposition of House Bylerum

  • Needs investigation
  • My house has traditionally good ties with thme

Kistaris’ gung ho attitude

  • Marginalise Kistaris by having Sandcrown etc. made generals loyalty to them rather than Kistaris
  • Convince him to give us an operational budget so we can operate independantly
  • Need to find out how he became leader

The opposition of the Obligators

  • Convince them the Lord Ruler is gone and they need to protect his people as he did before – Tristana sent with a message?
  • Bribes

To Buy

  • Additional Ships for Zolacaster (4+ Resources)
  • School for Alhara
  • Weapons from Renoux
  • Bribes for Obligators
  • Additional Plantations and grounds for training
  • Safe Houses
  • Metal Stockpiles


Vecna CullenLewis

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