Guerrillas In The Mist

The Heist

When Everyone was competent, yes even you

  • Postwick arrived for the wedding – Owandise happy
  • Postwick to come to wedding
  • Heist plannign was done and preparation.
  • Zolacaster confirms that he wants Hyrum to get dead. Everyone is like cool apart from Nebellea

Short time skip

At the Ball:

  • Announcement that house Erikeel were all murdered and killed (it has begun)
  • Quillan introduced Tevan to the group and Sandcrown talked shop
  • Ronan is still watching Nebellea (creeper!)
  • Alhara and Quillan snuck off while Sandcrown and Nbellea kept watch along with Pellek
  • They find the door and with pewter of both kinds get the secret door open
  • They discuss a little loudly and hear someone questioning them
  • Alhara steel speeds down the stair s and hits a hazekiller hard enough to stun him
  • Quillan machine guns a guard with steel and Alahara finishes the Haze killer
  • Much Atium is stolen
  • They sneak back leaving little evidence.
  • Nebellea takes Hyrum to one side and has another argument with him, warns him to stay away from her house and that he does not want a house war – there are very dangerous people after him. He acts outwardly calm but takes points on board
  • Quillan butts in nd takes Nebellea off to dance
  • Sandcrown goes and speaks to memory bint (boo! hiss! boo!) and through some allegories convinces her to eat Hyrum in an ill defined manner as to how chewed up he will be…

cough laryma*cough* it’s happening again

(Please note this log is biased as helland I don’t care)


Vecna CullenLewis

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