Guerrillas In The Mist

Tin Drunk

Nebellea drummed her heels on the roof of Rebou manor and then winced slightly at the sound. With Tin flaring the sound was uncomfortably loud to her, she pressed her hands over her ears and stopped flaring. Quinn sighed, why was she such a nuisance?

“Keep burning Poppet.” He said wearily. Nebellea glanced towards him and he could see her pupils were wide the iris and whites were barely visible but she still had a half dozen charges of tin in her system that she needed to purge. He sensed with bronze she had started flaring again and she twitched around focusing on a small swirl of ash fluttering near silent across the ground below. She giggled slightly watching it seeing something humorous in the drifting ash. Quinn had never seen her like this she seemed exhausted and her usual barriers seemed to be down. Well it was now or never to ask some of the questions he’d thought especially after the trouble she’d caused.

“So what was it like growing up a pampered, rich noble?” Her eyes snapped to him as he spoke, flicking back and forth like light on glittering stones. She thought for a second before answering.

“It was fun, though I didn’t like it when my brother snapped,”

“Oh?” Quinn said carelessly, feigning indifference “What happened?”

“Well Papa had gotten one of us to snap on the first time so he probably I thought I just needed more sessions with my Uncle to help me along. Obviously it did not help much especially once Darielle became a rioter. She was a lot ah!“ Nebellea trailed off rubbing her ears – the sound of a door closing somewhere in the manor just about reached his ears.

“Please Quinn! Can’t I stop flaring for a minute or two?” Nebellea moaned, hands still over her ears.

“Fine,” he said in an exasperated voice “One minute, but you’ve got to burn off that tin – it’s your own fault for taking so much of it at once,” Nebellea nodded miserably but took her hands away from her ears.

“So you and Darielle never really got on?” she shook her head

“We played together when we were younger since we were close in age. BUt she was always her Uncle’s favorite, and once she was a rioter she got meaner. She’d riot people’s trust and bravery and convince them into um awkward situations.” Quinn’s ears pricked up at that but she didn’t look inclined to share further.

“Oh come on Bella you can’t leave the story there!” She sat still and silent for a moment “You can stop flaring for a few more minutes if you tell me,” he carried on in his most endearing voice. She pursed her lips a little then carried on – he was surprised normally Nebellea was never this open with him.

“She convinced me it would be fun to play dress up together and we could style each others hair, she rioted my trust and confidence. She said she would do mine first and then I could work on hers. I didn’t even worry when she tied me to the chair, at least not until she stopped her rioting. She made such a mess of it our steward wound up having to cut the rest off as well so that is could grow back in again. She left me tied to the chair afterwards and it took an hour or so before anyone came to let me out. Obviously, she never let me anywhere near her hair.”

“Didn’t anyone stop her from doing that sort of thing?”

“Like who, father was too busy and as I said she was Uncle’s favourite.” He paused for a moment he had considered about asking after this and well he guessed it was now or never.

“What about your Mother?”

“Mama died a long while back, just after Cassie was born, she loved to sing,” she smiled slightly at the memory and began to sing quietly.

“Wake up my little Darling open your eyes,
A new day is dawning now, new sights to see,
Look around little Darling at sea and skies
Whatever you want or what you grow to be,
Wherever you wander or where your feet lead,
Remember what I say so little darling take heed,
You are my little darling and I’ll always be here for you.”

Nebellea trailed off quietly and they both sat and listened to the quiet movings of the house.

Nebellea now lay sleeping on the roof, as soon as the tin had run out she had drifted into a deep slumber. Quinn stood over her curled up form thinking deeply.


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