Quinn (Quillan Rebou)

Orphan Mistborn


Quinn’s Shopping List

Health 8 (+2) Willpower 5 Integrity 4
Speed 10 (+12+5) Initiative 6 (+4) Defense 8 (+4 +3 +2)
Virtue Loyal Vice Petty
Concept Orphan Mistborn Crew Silver Dawn
Cause Oppression Target Oppressors
Method Varied Race Skaa
Sex Male Age 17
Height 5’11 Weight 10st
Intelligence 2 Wits 3 Resolve 2
Academics 1 Enigmas 1 Crafts 0
Investigation 0 Medicine 1 Occult 1
Politics 0 Science 1
Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 3
Archery 0 Atheltics Spec: Parkour 5 Brawl Spec: Grappling 4
Larceny 1 Ride 0 Stealth Spec: Moving in Darkness 3
Survival 0 Weaponry 1
Presence 1 Manipulation 3 Composure 3
Animal Ken 0 Empathy Spec: Read Emotions 3 Expression 0
Intimidation 0 Persuasion 0 Socialise 1
Streetwise 2 Subterfuge Spec: Lying 3
Mistborn 5
Parkour 1 Alternate Identity 2
Resources 3 Mentor(Penn) 1
Professional Training (Athletics, Empathy and Brawl) 5 Trained Observer 1
Contacts (Metallurgists) 1 Contacts (Skaa Underworld) 1
Retainer (Pidge) 3 Safe Place 1
Street Fighting 4 Cheap Shot 2
Grappling 2 Status (Skaa Underground) 2
Skaa Pull 1
Powers Burn Rate Level Stunts
Steel 20 (2) 5 Multiple Targets (1), Increased Velocity (2), Steel Running (1), Steel Deflection (1)
Iron 20 (2) 2
Brass 20 (2) 2 Push Emotion (1)
Zinc 20 (2) 2 Tug Emotion (1)
Copper 40 (4) 2
Bronze 30 (3) 2
Pewter 5 (0.5) 4 Slow Burn (1), Unconscious Burning, Extreme Speed
Tin 60 (6) 2 Slow Burn (1) , Piercing Sight
Electrum 10 (1) 3 Instinctive Burning
Conditions Description Resolution Beat
Connected (Alhara, Dock Skaa) Your character has made inroads with a specified group. While she has this Condition, she gets a +2 to all rolls relating to that group. Alternately, she can shed this Conditionto gain a one-time automatic exceptional success on the next roll to influence or otherwise take advantage of the group. Once Connected is resolved, the character is considered to
have burned her bridges and is no longer an accepted member. The character may be able to regain Connected with the specified group per Storyteller approval.
The character loses her membership or otherwise loses her standing with the group. The character is asked to perform a favor for the group that inconveniences her.
Informed (Austrex, Kandra Blessings, Fallow Killing Laryma) Your character has a breadth of research information based on the topic she investigated. When you make a roll relating to the topic, you may choose to resolve this Condition. If you resolve it and the roll failed, it is instead considered to have a single success. If it succeeded, the roll is considered an exceptional success. The roll that benefits from the Informed Condition can be any relevant Skill roll. Your character uses her research to gain information; the Condition is resolved as described above.
Shaken Choose to fail a roll, get a beat.
Equipment Dmg Int Str Size Metal?
Mistborn vial - - - - Yes
Obsidian Dagger 1 -1 1 1 No
Mistborn Cloak - - - - Yes
Copper clips 0 -1 - 1 Yes
Horseshoes 1 -1 - 1 Yes
Wooden Shield 0 -2 2 2 No
Dueling Cane 0 No
Equipment Rating Def Str Metal?
Leather Armour 2/0 -1 2 No
Fashion 1 - - - No
Fashion 2 - - - No

Recent Events

Lord_Grey.jpg Quinn, at the urging of Nebby has taken up the mantle of Lord Grey: an elusive Noble from the Central Dominances. He has very much taken to the persona, but it is perhaps creating more problems than it is solving.

  1. Wasing the what of the thinking in doing
  2. Willing the finding the Tricksters
  3. Wasing the starting in the Greying
  4. Of the Betraying in the Greying
  5. Wasing for the chasing in the night
  6. Wasing the doubting of the Trusting
  7. I ain’t a bloody dog
  8. Out on the Water


Brown hair, brown eyes, ashy clothes and ashy skin. Quinn looks much like every other downtrodden skaa who wanders eye-downcast along the same nameless streets of whatever ghetto they happen to be living out of.

The streets and the brothel are the only memories he has. His Ma, a prostitute, died a few years ago after being taken by a noble of unnamed house- the women say it was a travelling member of house hasting, another says it was one of the profestes being ‘broken in’, one even claims it must have been the Lord Ruler himself. Even in cheap brothels, gossip was the favorite past time of many patrons and workers alike.

Quinn was taken in by the owners, Haru and Danaria, a well funded if oft disliked couple. Their kindness was never clear, but they used Quinn as a messenger to the royal houses and other patrons in the city- he was affordable, and kept out from underfoot. Plus, it paid to have a pretty boy around in case the noble women decided they wanted a frolick.

It was some years later when Quinn finally came to meet Nebellea Panassian and it is as of yet still unknown to him how she found out about his Trick. He could move metals with his mind. Small metals, not very far, but he could move them when no one else could.

Push and pull…he used to spend hours jangling the coin pouch of noblemen to make them squirm and glance around in a fit of paranoia. Apparently, that made him a Mistborn, a secret sect of Nobles- and somehow he was an elite level therein.

What had shocked him most was that it meant his Pa was noble- otherwise he wouldn’t have these abilities. The odd thing was…why was his Ma not killed like the second time it happened? Why was he allowed to live?

This in mind, he decided to sign up to the Lady’s petty crusade (because, let’s face it, no stuck up bitch is ever going to get rid of those pirates) and who knows, if he behaves himself he might get some answers about his patronage.

Significant Points in his life

Worst thing he ever did
Kill Kort, whom he had promised safety and sanctuary. This has been replaced by the murder of a family of skaa by Tressex during a chase with Quinn.
Worst thing he could do
The worst thing he could imagine doing is causing harm to a known innocent.
The worst thing he could imagine someone else doing
The worst thing he could someone doing is the casual torture or infliction of pain for the sole purpose of self amusement.
Traumatic past
The most traumatic event in his past was the death of his mother at the hands of a noble after she got pregnant with her second child.

Quinn (Quillan Rebou)

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