House Grey

A place to keep our lies straight


  • Lord Quintus Grey: A strong and silent 18 year old pirate hunter/explorer
  • Lady Grey: A 20 year old “Social Butterfly” and estranged sister of Quintus

House Colours:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Colours used as splashes to accentuate outfits*


  • They are staying at the Sandcrown Residence, with whom they have family ties
  • They are from Luthadel
  • Lord Grey is Mistborn
  • Lord Grey is on a sojourn from home to learn about the world in a more hands on approach. He has visited a few ashmounts, Fadrex City and briefly visited Ostrix on his way to Empoli

*Colours also indicate rank, intention and feeling towards someone. Exactly what they mean is unclear to any outside House Grey.

House Grey

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