The Rebou Residence (Austrex)

A house outside the city in disrepair, but of greater quality than what a majority of the residents are used to.

Notable NPC Residents:

Sloweswift Specials

Notable Areas:

  • Quinn Would like the highest room (in the tallest tower…)
  • The Vault one of the Central rooms of the house which has been better protected than other areas of the house. This is where the majority of Allomantic metals have been stored as well as noble papers seals etc.
  • The Main Hall – A small hall with a few small reception rooms that Sandcrown has been working on
  • Nebellea’s Room is on the second floor close to another long room she uses for Archery and Dancing

Other Relevant things:

  • Safehouse Merit at 4 dots, one per PC.
  • Resource 4 Building – on the Edge of Austrex too near the plantations to be desirable.


The Rebou Residence (Austrex)

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